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How to Stop Mosquito Bites | 8 Best Ways For Your Home, Yard & Garden

Mosquito Bite Defense: How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Using Simple Techniques

We share our garden and household with these tiny unseen invaders every day. Yes, we are talking here about bugs and mosquitoes. These unwanted critters can hamper the joy and pleasant environment you get from your Garden and home.

Bugs like mosquitoes are especially harmful to your kids. Kids usually scratch mosquito bites, which later turn into rashes. Mosquitoes and bugs also bring along diseases like malaria and dengue.

That is why keeping your kids and yourself away from bugs and mosquito bites is a top priority. Hiding indoors and being afraid of these small critters is not a solution though.

Though pesticides are available for your Garden and household, they can be harmful to your kids and yourself. That is why homemade natural bug remedies are the way to go.

Here are some natural ways that help you to keep your garden and home kid-friendly and safe from bugs and mosquitoes.

Plant Your Summer Garden with Marigolds

Marigolds are not only flower plants but also it’s natural mosquito repellent. Marigold flowers come with a scent that keeps mosquitoes away from the garden. They also look quite good in your garden and are pleasing to the eyes.

Some other natural bug bite remedies and mosquito repellents are lavender, basil, and catnip. They come with a natural smell that is pleasant to you. But these smells are unpleasant to bugs, mosquitoes, and other kinds of pests.

If there are tomato plants in the garden, you can plant some basil near it. Lavender, basil, and catnip are also good remedies for bug bites.

Remove Standing Water

Summit Mosquito Dunk Tablet

Summit Mosquito Dunk Tablet

Mosquito larvae grow in standing water in the garden area. Make sure there is no remaining water in pots (if you have any in the garden area). If you have a pool near the garden or in your backyard, make sure the water is drained out after use.

The pool filter could be clogged as well, so it is better to clean it twice every month. It takes around 8 hours to change pool water entirely if you have a big pool.

Rain gutters also have standing water in them; make sure it’s cleaned on a regular basis. Bird baths also have water in them that need to be changed almost every day. You can also keep mosquito-eating fish in your ornamental garden ponds.

Use Natural and Homemade Insecticides

There are times when you run out of insecticides in times of urgent need. Not to worry, there are ways to make your very own and natural homemade insecticides. If you have vanilla extract lying around somewhere in the kitchen cabinet, take one tablespoon of it and mix it with 1tablespoon of water and witch hazel.

Rub this mixture all over the body of yourself and your child. Especially rub it on exposed areas of the body like ears, the neck, wrists, and of course the back of the knees. The mixture can also be applied on areas where there are insect bites, for quick relief.

You could also fill up a bottle with small chopped apple pieces and apple cider vinegar mixture and keep it near the garden. This mixture helps as a natural homemade bug and mosquito repellant.

Buy a Non-toxic Mosquito Trap

​Mosquito traps or mosquito zappers are great ways of getting rid of mosquitoes near your home and garden. There are a lot of chemical-free and eco-friendly mosquito traps available. These kinds of mosquito traps are safe for both you and your kids. Do a bit of research so that you can buy the best ones available in the market. Mosquito zappers have no toxic elements in them, so they are a better choice.

Chili Pepper Spray

Insects and mosquitoes hate and are repelled by the smell of plants with strong odor or smell. Insects and mosquitoes despise capsaicin in chili powder. You can easily make some homemade chili powder spray and spray it all over the garden and on your plants.

This spraying helps keep insects and mosquitoes away from your backyard or garden area. Mix half a cup of chili peppers with one cup of water and make a puree or blend.

Now mix this puree with one quart of water and boil the mixture for about 5 minutes, to make some chili pepper powder spray. A few drops of mild liquid soap can also be added to the spray mixture.

The spray is however harmful to human skin and should be used with absolute caution at all times. Make sure that the spray does not get into the eyes, as it might cause extreme irritation. Especially try to keep chili powder spray away from the reach of small children.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is available in every gardening store can also be used. Diatomaceous Earth made of sedimentary rock formed from diatoms or fossilized algae is a suitable insecticide.

Diatomaceous Earth absorbs the lipid or a wax-like substance from the exoskeleton of any insect and dehydrates them, so they eventually die.

Apply it gently all over the garden by sprinkling some near the garden plants. Diatomaceous Earth, however, is very dry and needs to sprinkle again if there is heavy rain.

Burn Sage, Rosemary, Artemisia

When Burn sage, rosemary, and Artemisia are burned together, a pleasant smell is created. This pleasant smell is unpleasant to insects though. Artemisia (also known as moxa) however has a smell that resembles marijuana, so be careful when you burn it individually.

All these ingredients are readily available in Asian markets or in acupuncturist offices. Burn sage, rosemary, and Artemisia together and spread the fumes across the whole garden area or backyard.

Cover up. Come on, Get Modest

During dusk and dawn, there is no sun, so you and your kids can stay in lightweight clothes during that time. But during the day it is better you cover up all exposed parts of the body.

If your garden has problems with pests and insects of every type and size, it is a good idea to wear full pants. Half-sleeves are a complete no. For more information click here…..

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