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Best Electric Fly Swatter in 2021 | Top 7 Product With Video Review

Best Electric Fly Swatter in 2021 & Top 7 Product With Video Review

Can you think of anything worse when you’re about to sit for a meal than a visit from one of those small, winged and buzzing black insects? While flies are certainly not the worst (I am looking at you cockroaches!) of the flying monstrosities, it’s certainly very, very annoying!

And there isn’t a more satisfactory treatment for these small annoyances than a good old electric swatter. You pictured yourself swinging a bat on one right as you read that, didn’t you?! I did the same while I wrote this! So let’s get to know this highly satisfying fly eliminator intimately and how to identify the best electric fly swatter.

Our Picks For Best Electric Fly Swatter

​Recommended Fly Swatter Reviews


​The Executioner Fly Swat Wasp Bug Mosquito Swatter Zapper Reviews

  • ​Simple and straightforward to use; press the button and swing away!
  • ​Only one layer of wiring so a swing is more likely to get the kill than the three-layer counterpart.
  • ​The product comes included with a pair of double A or AA batteries so you don’t have to buy the first pair. Do take care of the batteries though, as alkaline batteries can experience leakage and render the bat out of order.
  • ​The handle and sides are made of high quality ABS Plastic and are going to last a very long time if handled with care.
  • ​A full one year warranty is provided so you probably won’t have to buy another one in the space of a year.

​The bat has been tested for endurance and found to have a lifespan of 100,000 zaps. That’s 100,000 fewer mosquitoes and flies in this world too! A long lifespan is going to last you either for a really long time or be a very reliable product if you have a bunch of them to deal with at once. You won’t be able to keep count of how many you get with this swatter for sure!


​Can it kill bees?

​Does the bat work on moths too?

What we liked

  • ​Long lifespan of the circuit and good build quality should last the user a really long time.
  • ​No layers so very efficient swatter at that.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The lack of layering can be dangerous at times. Probably won’t do much damage but best keep it away from the reach of children.
  • ​​Powers using AA batteries and they’re not exactly long lasting. You’ll be running through a fair number of pairs of them I bet!


​Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Fly Swatter Zap Mosquito Best for indoor and Outdoor Pest Control

  • ​Single layer mesh for that lethal first hit. No triple layer to stop bugs from getting zapped here, no sir!
  • ​The design of the wires is such that small insects will not get stuck inside the bat. Cleanliness is important too and with this design, you don’t have to do much cleaning.
  • ​Promise of a one year warranty and even refund if the product performance is less than satisfactory.
  • ​Comes included with a pair of AA batteries. Grab and go, as they say!
  • ​Not particularly bulky or heavy. Perfect size for a gentle swing and some mincemeat flies!
4.5 of 5 Stars

​Comes included with a lock feature in the handle so that you can keep it locked during non-use without worrying about your kids giving each other an electric whack. It’ll still hurt I bet but beats getting a friend nose!


​Will this kill the tiny fruit flies?

​Can it hurt someone to touch it?

What we liked

  • ​Good customer service after purchase. Even after warranty period expires, repairs will be provided, perhaps at a cost.
  • ​Very simple and straightforward to use. Grab and swing, who doesn’t like that?! Any electric fly swatter review will agree!

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The lack of protection means you can give someone an unpleasant shock. Thankfully, there is the security lock but it’s still not the most ideal situation.
  • ​AA batteries. Not sure how many times I have to reiterate this. Not reliable, not long lasting. Better batteries, please!


​AOWOTO Plug in Electric Rechargeable Fly Swatter Racket Reviews

  • ​Good for about 500 charges so you’ll be using for quite a long time!
  • ​Includes an LED light with a decent beam so you’ll be terrorizing those pests even after nightfall.
  • ​Three layered mesh again so yes, safer than the single layer alternatives.
  • ​Market LED light blinks certain colors as indicators. For example, a green light indicates that the voltage is really high and you probably don’t want to touch the net!
  • ​Much better battery life per charge than AA counterparts. See what I mean?!
​4 of 5 Stars

​Can provide shocks up to 2200 volts. Very high voltage to fry resilient bugs or to fry them in batches. Take your pick! Do note that despite the existence of the protective layers of mesh, you might want to keep away from touching the metal after it’s gone to high volt mode. Save the energy for the pests!


​Can it execute wasps and bees?

​Can I take it with me overseas where the default voltage is 220v?

What we liked

  • ​It’s safe-ish due to the adjacent layers to the current inducing mesh. But can’t reiterate this enough, precautions please!
  • ​Given the capacity to charge 500 times, it’ll probably last you longer than a year if it stays intact that long. I’d have hit something and broken it by then!
  • ​Night-light and indicator LEDs are very handy features. And hey, have you ever seen people complaining about lights? They’re cool!

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Built in battery comes with a normal charger and sadly, you’ll need new ones if anything happens to them.
  • ​​Bugs of certain sizes might get stuck into the bat without actually getting zapped. Can make for a very messy situation!


​PreciShock Bug Zapper Electric Fly Swatter Racket Reviews

  • ​Very good build quality, reinforced with Titanplast technology, a tech used in tanks of all things!
  • ​Single layer mesh design to make those swings as deadly as can be!
  • ​Guaranteed replacement over the lifetime of the use of the product. Pay for it once and you should be covered for a long time, as long as they honor it!
  • ​Small insects such as flies and wasps are electrocuted right on touch. Keep the button pressed during a swing and see the little devils sparked into smithereens in no time.
  • ​Uses AA batteries like most other single layered meshes. Hope you have many around to spare.
4.5 of 5 Stars

​Very strong zap on this bat. Cockroaches and beetles can also be annihilated and in some instances, insects that get caught inside the wires get blown up inside the bat! Imagine a full blown insect getting blown up, it’s that powerful! In case you need to deal with some big insects, this is the racket of choice for you!


​What type of batteries does this use?

​Will this have any problems if it gets soaked?

What we liked

  • ​The racket of choice for people dealing with infestations from bigger insects, you’ll struggle to find a better bat for this work.
  • ​​This cements the destructive prowess of the bat by making sure it provides a sturdy base for the firepower.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​If it can blow an insect to smithereens, it can hurt you and especially your kids. The lack of a locking mechanism is a problem here for sure!


​Electric Fruit Fly Killer Zapper - CosyMeadow Small Bug Swatter Racket Reviews

  • ​The first triple layered mesh on this list that actually runs on AA batteries. As long as you have spare batteries on hand, it isn’t a problem I guess.
  • ​Double safety measure, in case your children can get by one, to make sure they don’t give each other a nasty shock!
  • ​Very powerful, 2700v zap on insects that get caught in the mesh.
  • ​Comes included with a case made of polycarbonate so you have something to carry it around with.
  • ​Made using ABS, a material used in making lego building blocks. You’ll know they’re quite durable if you’ve ever stepped on them!
​4 of 5 Stars

​The handle of the bat is foldable, making it the perfect, carry-around bat in this list. You can carry it around as easily as folding it up and putting it in a shopping bag, it becomes that much smaller after folding. That, in addition to the case, makes it so much more convenient to take elsewhere.


​Will this bat let me deal with yellow jackets?

​Can it kill bugs with one zap?

What we liked

  • ​Ideal product for carrying around and taking to places. Triple mesh layer design is safer, something you’ll need at voltages that high.
  • ​Decent build quality for an electric racket, not basic plastic.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Doesn’t come included with batteries. I hope you have some already or you’ll need to waste time to get a pair!
  • ​Very fine gaps in the mesh. It’s perfect for smaller insects but it won’t work for even slightly bigger insects.


​Black Flag Best Handheld Bug Zapper Reviews

  • ​Triple layered mesh in order to provide extra protection to users.
  • ​Ring at the bottom makes the bat easy to hang. Don’t have to stow it away anywhere and also keep it out of reach from children.
  • ​Uses AA batteries. Sigh. Why do I even bother at this point?
  • ​Comes in two color choices; black and pink.
  • ​LED light in the middle indicates power status.
​4 of 5 Stars

​2700 volts of electricity, a very big number that should be able to do away with insects that get stuck inside the mesh. Hold down the button and watch as the annoying little things spark and burn right in a matter of few seconds. Sure, the adjacent layers are going to stop some bigger insects from getting in but anything that goes in isn’t coming out alive!


​Does it zap you if you touch it?

​Does it work on Japanese beetles?

What we liked

  • ​The ring at the bottom of the handle is very handy and to hang the racket up to keep it out of reach of children.
  • ​The design is very straightforward; just click and swing. No adjusting or any other complexity means that you can kill off whatever you need to easily.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Build quality is more than questionable. A lot of users said that they broke the handle after a while of use and they didn’t even hit it on any solid surface! How do you break in thin air?
  • ​​You’re going to need a lot of batteries on hand, given that you’ll probably run through them like hamsters on a running wheel.


​Beastron Bug Zapper Racket Reviews

  • ​3000 volt shock will do away most insects that come into contact with the mesh. Pretty much instant kill as soon as you.
  • ​Triple mesh design will protect you even if you touch the metal of the bat. Your kids aren’t going to fry each other!
  • ​Comes with an LED light built in that is very, very bright.
  • ​A full year’s worth of replacement warranty in case your unit has any issue. Don’t worry about getting a new one for at least a year this way.
  • ​Comes with a switch along with a button for two step operation, allowing you to keep it completely off at times of nonuse.
  • ​Button is located on the side so it’s easier to press.
4.5 of 5 Stars

​Supports ultra-fast USB charging. In addition to the flexibility that comes with USB charging, super-fast charging is going to mean that very short durations of charge will be enough for one session of swatting those pesky things.


​Will it make a zapping noise?

​Does it work on bee infestations?

What we liked

  • ​Built in battery with super-fast charging will get you up and running in no time.
  • ​Triple layer mesh will keep you safe from the shock of the 3000 volts.
  • ​High voltage is a good formula for some serious kills.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Several users reported the racket becoming broken after a little while of use.
  • ​Even small bugs like flies and ants don’t get killed off sometimes due to insufficient contact with the mesh. The best bug zapper rackets would get a clean connection I think!

​Who and How is Discovered The Bug Zapper Racket?

​The journey of even the best bug zapper racket today, began with the invention of the fly swatter. A certain Robert R. Montgomery came up with the design for a device that was quite elastic but could endure a swatting, the first device intended to kill flies.

Afterward, two gentlemen named William F. Folmer and Harrison Chapin came up with the design for the first electric bug zapper in 1934, a framework design that would go on to stay more or less consistent up to modern times.

At the time, bugs were quite annoying. I imagine and the prospect of giving shock therapy to annoying ones was probably something people relished even back in the day. So it’s quite clear why people took into the idea of electric fly zapper!

However, the first electric bug zapper wasn’t as portable and agile as the modern day ones. The old model is still used outside stores to lure in mosquitoes and zap them. The first tennis bat zapper came into being much later and merged the technologies of the gentlemen mentioned above and thus, one of my favorite pass-times came to being! So much thanks to you all, wherever you are; we remember your contribution!

​What Is An Electric Fly Swatter Made Of?

​So how are these fine contraptions made? Well, even the best handheld bug zappers have one thing in common with the worst ones; they zap! So first of all, there has to be circuitry inside it. And indeed, in the conventional design of the bat, there is a grid of mesh and rod in several layers, the standard being three.

To generate the electricity, there is a battery inside the handle where there a generator to amplify the amount of voltage provided by the battery. As you are probably aware, there is a button on the handle.

This button is meant to begin a capacitor’s discharging process, which produces an electric current in the circuit. If you’ve done a bit of physics back in school, you probably are aware that metals are conductors.

Due to good conductivity, any other conducting body that comes into contact with the metal will have electricity flowing through it. Now I know I threw a lot of physics your way but the concept is straightforward; there is a button and when the fly touches metal, its toast. How? Well, that’s coming up!

​How Does an Electric Fly Swatter Work

I hope all the physics some sense because now we get to the good bit. You have an idea about how the circuit is. Now, what happens during the discharging process is that a current begins to flow through the bat and it continues to happen until the button is released.

You’re set to do some damage now! The design of the bat is such that it won’t fit somewhat larger things like your fingers properly but the gaps are more than enough to get a fly into contact with the mesh. So a fly comes and while you’re pressing the button, you decide to have a smack at it.

You might not be aware of this but flies and small insects conduct electricity too. You know where I am going with this, don’t you?

As the unsuspecting fly hits the mesh, bam! Fried in an instant. The best electric fly swatters will usually have a really high step-up voltage generator and it should kill off small insects right then and there.

Upon release of the button, the current flowing through it stops and you’re done. The target, now deep-fried, will either fall to the ground or get stuck into the bat, awaiting removal.

​How to Use Electric Fly Swatter

​So now that you are familiar with the workings of the bat, it’s time you learn the art of wielding it; the best part of the whole experience! It matters little if you have the best fly swatter out there if you don’t know how to swing after all.

First of all, just because it is called a swatter doesn’t mean you swat away with it on any surface you find! It is a solid plastic and metal contraption and hitting it too hard on a solid surface is going to break the thing into two!

If you’re the kind who likes to smash your foes in, better that you stick to the normal swatters! The technique to hit insects that are sat on solid objects is to wave your hand close by them to force them into the air and once they’ve taken flight, they’re free to strike down.

Also, all you need to do to kill some pests is to get them to touch the mesh. That’s it. So I don’t get why so many people swing at them with all their might like they’re responding to a tennis serve from Roger Federer!

You can chill with the strength pal, you won’t be impressing anyone with some fly whacking skills! The trick to getting maximum hits is simple; get your bat close to the target and then gently push the bat into the fly and see it get fried into smithereens.

However, if you want to use the bat as a slingshot, feel free to give it a strong swing. Don’t blame me when you break your mom’s favorite vase though! Plastics handles have a decent grip on them but even I have thrown my fair share of bats across the room!

​​How To Choose The Best Fly Swatter

Now for one of the more important bits; how to choose the best fly swatter for you. There are certain things that you should be on the lookout for when choosing the one that’s right for you and I’ll be giving you the lowdown regarding what those things should be.

​​1. Consider the Handle​

To get things started, with most things that you need to hold, the grip itself is very important. Ideally, you don’t want the handle that you grab to be too thick because it’s going to be a struggle-bust, I can tell you!

With an electric swatter, you’re definitely not getting a handle as thin as a badminton rackets. So finding one that is not too big for your hand size is crucial. However, if your hands are big, you probably don’t have to worry about the handle ever being too small. Big hands have perks, am I right?!

2. Positioning of The Power Button

Something that is often overlooked is the positioning of the power button. Given the fact that you have to keep holding onto the power button in most bats, their placement needs to be close to your thumb.

Placing in anywhere too low or too high on the handle can be very inconvenient and be a real bother when you’re going in for a clean swat. I guess your thumb size might also play a factor here but that’d be quite a weird thing to bother someone I imagine!

​​3. Battery Life

Battery life is also an important consideration if you have to frequently get your swing game on. You might need some more long-term solutions but if this is your immediately best option, opt for a less strong one that has a long battery life. If not, a little power never hurt!

​4. Charging Consideration

Going by that point about batteries, charging is another key consideration in making a purchase. The best electric fly swatter might have batteries that last weeks. But if the charging is slow, I hope you have a spare bat at home because it might be a while before it’s usable again. Back to hands for you in that instance.

If versatility is your thing, you might want to check if your bat supports USB charging. That way, you won’t be in too much trouble if your charger goes MIA.

​​​5. Usability

Usability, despite being straightforward in most bats, is also another consideration, given that some manufacturers try marketing gimmicks such as ‘features’ that add complexity to the contraption without really adding much value.

I just want to push a button and kill some flies, nothing more! Adding unnecessary features just adds bulk to the product and makes it more difficult to use in a lot of cases.

​​6. Underrated Feature is Usability at Night

Not being able to see buttons or anything around you for that matter will make it infinitely harder to swat some bugs. Some bats have lit buttons and even built-in flashlights. Sure! They’re not that bright. Even a little visibility is enough to swipe at those pesky flies and insects but you won’t find them in the darkness.

Here are some products to help you decide on what the best bug zapper racket for you.

​Our Last Opinion

​So now, you know everything I know about electric swatters and I, for one, consider myself to be quite knowledgeable about all this, I’ll let you know! So go forth, get the right bat for you and go into war against these bugs!

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