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5 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Bedbugs can often make your life tough. They are hard to find when hiding in tricky corners of your bed but appear out of nowhere to ruin your sleep during nights. The most annoying thing about bed bugs is that they do not leave your place quickly and it requires significant efforts to do away with them. Through this post, we will tell you the

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bedbugs

Why are we only home remedies and not use commercial chemical solutions? In our honest opinion, chemicals do not entirely get rid of bedbugs. They are expensive, leave their smell for several days, and some of them might not be good for your health. We suggest you check the remedies we tell you and see the results for yourself. Below are natural home remedies to get rid of bedbugs.

1. Wash the Affected Clothes

There will be no point in getting rid of the infested area if the bedbugs manage to sneak back in again. You must wash the bed-sheets, curtains and all the clothes that you currently use in one go so that no more bed bugs are clinging there. It is not easy to spot such insects easily, so you must use warm water on your clothes and make sure that the bugs do not at least make it back to your closet.

2. Use a Solution of Antiseptic Liquid and Detergent

Surprised by seeing these components in the solution? Well, they are handy. Most of the disinfectant/ antiseptic solutions (like Dettol or savlon), that we have in our households are made of a compound called Chloroxylenol. The solution is useful in getting rid of bedbugs but only if they come in contact with it.

Same is the case with washing detergents. It is said that the baking soda used in detergents can pierce through the shells of bed-bugs. A simple way to apply this solution is to put it in a spray bottle and sprinkle it on the affected furniture.Beds, sofas, and tables are the hiding spot of bedbugs and serve as their breeding ground. Often when people move to a new place, they find that they still have bed bugs around, but mostly the real reason is that they reach your home with the moved furniture from your old place. So, to avoid them, try to keep a check on the kind of furniture you buy. If you buy furniture online, then make sure that it is not manufactured too long ago, as few unnoticeable eggs from bedbugs are enough to plague your home with their eggs.

3. Keep Mattresses and Cushions in Sunlight

It is natural that the bedbugs from furniture will find a way inside the mattress and cushions used with them. You cannot wash them all, so make sure to put them in the sunlight for at least a couple of days. Yes, you heard us right, a minimum of a couple of days are required for the stubborn bed bugs to leave your mattress even if kept in Sunlight. So, you must make that sacrifice to be able to have a better sleep at night.

4. Regular Vacuuming of Tough Corners

Once you put all the suggested methods in effect here, make sure to vacuum the infested regions. By running a vacuum cleaner in the tight spots, you will be completely clearing the zone of any surviving bedbugs and their eggs. This must be the last step to perform so that there is no possibility of any bugs remaining after all your efforts.

5. Do Not Allow Them to Enter Your Home Again

As mentioned earlier, furniture, especially wooden ones, serve as breeding grounds for bedbugs. So, when buying or moving them to your home, thoroughly examine them. The same goes for renting. Ensure that you rent furniture from a trustable source. Even if you get an infested furniture for a couple of days in your home, it will be enough time for those cruel bugs to spread everywhere. Keep a check on what you bring home!

We hope that the information we mentioned here help you get rid of bed-bugs and let you have a peaceful time in your home. Do try them out and thank us later!

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