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Rise in Bed Bug Infestation in Healthcare Facilities | The Pest Hunter

Rise in Bed Bug Infestation in Healthcare Facilities – A Matter of Concern

Bed Bugs are usually considered as a pest issue in hotel industry. Eventually the infestation was seen spreading in homes and now, even healthcare sectors are not spared from this pest problem. One should not take this lightly as you might not notice and bed bug infestation might result in several serious challenges in the business sector which needs to be attended. To avoid these situations, you should ensure regular bed bug control services in the hospitals and healthcare facilities in Central Coast.

Increasing infestation of bed bugs in Healthcare facilities and hospitals

Commonly, bed bugs infest in areas of human presence which states it can be anywhere and everywhere. Bed bugs present in hospitals is an indication of poor sanitation and hygiene in the healthcare facility. It is a source of threat and discomfort for the patients. Studies of pest management and control, reports a steady rise in bed bugs infestation in healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Majority of population shows no reaction to bed bug bites

Scientifically, bed bug bites have different reactions on the skin of the individual bitten. However, it is revealed that most individuals do not show any skin reaction to bed bug bites. That means no evidence of being bitten!The people who experience bite reactions notice itchy, red, bite marks, welts or bumps. It depends on the sensitivity of the individual that what kind of reaction shows up. If you are continuously attacked by bed bugs when asleep, the reactions tend to become severe.

Here are some signs and symptoms that suspects a bed bug bite:

  • Bed bug eggs: You might not easily see it with naked eye. However they are visible as clustered white pearly sheen.
  • Faecal smears: These are marker stains by crawling of bed bugs on box springs, mattresses, bedding or any other soft furniture.
  • Human hosts: Bed bugs are commonly found in areas where humans are present, especially their sleeping and resting areas.
  • Cast skins or dead bed bugs: These are found in the box springs and mattresses
  • Heavy infestations: Bed bugs can also be present in other traffic areas like lobbies and reception areas, break rooms, lounges, etc. Typically the places where it becomes easier for them to hide!

Need for an employee education programme

If you run a healthcare facility or hospital and you haven’t yet seen any sign bed bug infestation, it is still essential to make sure your team of employees know enough about the itchy pest to deal with an upcoming situation. They should know:

  • How a bed bug looks like
  • The visible signs of a bed bug infestation which involves dead insects, bites and faecal smears
  • The steps to take in situation of a suspected bed bug infestation
  • The person to ask for help and who can solve the problem professionally
  • The right way to communicate with families, patients, and visitors who ask about the pest

Providing such employee education programmes helps structure a healthy and hygienic healthcare facility.

Helpful ways to educate staff on bed bugs infestation

You can connect to Flatline Pest Control Services in Central Coast and the experts will help in training your staff about bed bug infestations. Significant ways they follow to teach your staff about bed bug signs are:

  • Education through presentations, videos and handouts
  • Relevant posters and signs in employee areas
  • Inclusion of bed bug plan in the manuals or reference documents for help in times of crisis management process
  • Contact list of professionals responsible for pest control
  • A script for employee reference in circumstances where communication is a must
  • Identification of typical risk area like waiting rooms and lobbies, employee lockers, emergency exam room bays, patient intake areas, maternity suites, patient rooms, etc.
  • Detailed explanation of pest control policy in predetermined risky areas

It is essential to put a limitation to the increasing bed bug infestation in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Better to get started right away!

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