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Termite: Causes of Termite Infestation and Prevention

Pest control services are always there when it comes to getting rid of rodent infestation or termite infestation. It is always suggested to keep a regular check on the space to avoid any termite attack; otherwise, it might crumble down the space itself per se. A termite attack is really dangerous, as it not only eats into the layers of wood and furniture in your house but also into the basic structure of your building, be it doors, windows, floor, ceilings, walls etc.  Therefore, a termite control service must follow a visit at regular intervals of time to keep your house clear of such nuisance.

General Causes of Termite Infestation in Any Space

  • Presence of moisture is the basic reason behind multiplication of termite in any space; hence, moisture ridden spaces require termite controlservices more often.
  • Presence of wood, wooden furniture, wooden windows or wooden doors is another greater cause for termite infesting space, as wood serves as the perfect breeding ground for termites
  • Cellulose in the form of wood is the most important reason behind this infestation, as termite eats up the cellulose and feeds itself upon that. For this reason, wooden stuff needs to be maintained, polished and covered well for proper protection from termite infestation
  • Openings and holes in the doors, window panes, ceilings, roofs, walls, etc. can let the termite enter inside. Hence, it is better to seal any such hole or opening as much as possible.

Once termite infestation is started, it spurts up its speed and multiplies in millions. Since it spreads really fast, quick action is a must. Termite control chemicals and baits are widely available in the market. The method of getting rid of termites has to be selected depending upon the severity of termite infestation, and the space that has been infested. However, you can take help of professionals who will come to your house for termite control, identify the infestation and devise the best plan to get rid of it.

Termite Control Methods that are Widely in Vogue

  • Liquid termiticides are widely available in the market. You can use these on your own, or call services for pest control at your place. To use this liquid stuff, you must be aware of the composition of the chemical and the proportion to be used as well. You should always keep this stuff at a safe place away from children and pets, as they can be extremely dangerous if ingested.
  • Termite baits can be used as well. You can surely rely on their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to keeping the termites at bay.
  • Depending upon the severity of the infestation, if no control method works for you, it is best to get rid of that structure. If severely infested, wooden structures like sofas, chairs and beds are often disposed or scrubbed off. In such structures, even if the infestation is removed, for now, it has high chances of relapsing. Another option would be brushing or scraping off the termite infestation, as it may work at times.
  • Termite monitors are used at times for termite control.
  • Termite control can be done with termite repellents, and the liquid ones are the solutions that work faster.

When you call termite control experts at your home, they will generally provide follow-ups at regular intervals of time and keep further infestation at bay. Professional workers are quite accurate, safe, technical and speedy when it comes to termite control. Termite infestation spreads at a skyrocketing pace; and for this reason, faster measures are supposed to be taken. Termites can crumble an object into powder and hence, professional services are generally hired to deal this issue.

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