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Top 6 Ways to Get Rid of Insects in Your House Naturally

Have you noticed that tiny creatures roaming around your home? These tiny living things are known as an insect that can disturb our daily life and we can suffer from harmful diseases. Insects can walk, fly and jump which becomes very uncomfortable and irritating for those having insects in their house.

Types of Insects live in our houses

Ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes, and bedbugs are the common creatures especially live at the corners of our house and spreads germs. These tiny living creatures are the dangerous ones who affect your personal hygiene and health. They can be poisonous and harmful for you because some of them are having properties to make you suffer from illness. A small kid doesn’t know about these insects and they usually touch them for fun as they don’t know the danger behind these innocent looking insects. These insects are not only harmful to the family members but it can also be harmful to neighbors and visitors.In order to get rid of these dirty creatures, peoples go for chemicals and spray that kills these insects but leave very harmful gasses which can disturb you in breathing and doing other works especially these gases can make your children’s ill as their immunity system is not strong. Therefore, you can use mosquito control lotions, coils, and machines but they will use work for sometimes its effects become lesser and insects start becoming stronger again.Instead of using these chemical salutations start using traditional ways to get rid of insects in your house, these methods are natural, effective and works for the longer time period. There are ways to get rid of common household insects without calling pest control. Here are Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Insects in Your House:

1. Ants

Ants are the tiny insects arrives at your home in the search of sugary items, they especially attracted to the scent of sugar and grease. You should clean spots after using any sugary item. If your home is suffering from these small ants then use these bellow mention ways to get rid of these ants.

Cucumber method:

Required ingredients:

  • Cucumber slices

How to use:

For this, you need to cut the cucumber into small slices and place to the points where these ants live. Aunts have some natural instinct which avoids them to smell cucumber and that is why they stay away from your home.

Sugar Paste:

Required Ingredients:

  • One liter water
  • One teaspoon of borax
  • Cup of sugar

How to use:

Mix all these ingredients and then take some cotton balls in the solution and place them in a yogurt container with holes pierced inside to allow ants to access. The ants will carry these baits in their home, where they will die ultimately upon eating and with the smell of the bait.

2. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are the most harmful insects usually arrive during the winter season. This tiny flying insect is attracted to warm bodies and perfumes. Here are few perfect remedies which will you to get rid of Mosquitoes.

Garlic juice spray:

Required Ingredients:

  • One part of garlic juice
  • Five parts of water

How to use:

Making a spray of garlic is a very effective way to keep mosquitoes away from you. For making this spray you need to mix one part of garlic juice and five parts of water to make the mixture and spray it on your body so that mosquitoes will stay away from you for up to 6 hours.

Neem oil:

Required Ingredients:

  • Neem oil

How to use:

For this process, you need to extract neem oil directly from the leaves of the neem tree. It is very effective to keep Mosquitoes away. Apply neem oil on the presented skin to stop mosquitoes. It is also good nourishment for the body to kill other harmful bacteria.

3. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the powerful insects which effects your and bites you while sleeping. These are attracted to places inside your home.

Kerosene oil treatment:

Required Ingredients:

  • Kerosene oil

How to use:

For this procedure, you need to apply some kerosene oil on your bed and on the corners and in the spaces between the joints to kill bed bugs. Fill the corners of the bed where the bed bugs are found mostly.

Air Bedding

How to use:

Air bedding is the oldest and most effective way to fight from bed bug what you need to do is, take all effected things and put it somewhere sunlight can make them warm this process will kill more bed bugs and provide you with safe things.

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the mammal like insect spread germs in your house. These are the simplest way to kill cockroaches away.

Required Ingredients:

  • Boric acid powder
  • Sugar powder
  • Cornmeal

How to use:

For this mixture, you need to put an equal quantity of boric acid powder, sugar powder, and cornmeal. Prepare it as bait and place them over the area of roaches. It acts as a poison for cockroaches.

5. Lizards

Lizards are the dirtiest insect found in our homes these are usually found at nights and creates annoying noises. Here are few remedies help to keep these

Required Ingredients:

  • Empty egg shells

How to use:

This is the simplest home remedies used to get rid of lizards, Hang empty egg shells in the corners of your home where you think lizards can found. The smell of eggshells keeps away lizards from your house.

Onion Slice Tip:

Things required

  • Onion

How to use:

For this unique tip, you need to cut onions into slices and then put these slices on lizards hiding places in order to keep lizards away from your house, as onion slices can also act as a great medicine to keep away lizards and control their movement. As onion has a strong smell and an active compound which act against the movement of lizards.

6. Flies

Flies are similar to Mosquitoes but it is having bigger wings which creates more noise and irritates you. Let’s figure out some simple home remedies to treat flies.

Required Ingredients:

  • Small sachets of mint leaves

How to use:

For this method, you will need small sachets of mint leaves in crushed form and then place it around the home. This method will restrict flies from entering your house.

Dog and Yeast

If you have your own pet dog then it can also help keep flies restrict to enter into your house. Feed your dog yeast so that your dog gives out unique smell which will work as anti flies.All the above ways to get rid of Insects in your house are natural methods that will surely keep these tiny and dangerous insects away from your home. But these remedies are now enough to fight with these germs and bacteria in order to get complete control over insects you need to keep your house and surrounding clean such as kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and corners. It will also keep you clean and it’s good for your personal hygiene. This Halloween, Cosplay with our fascinating creation venom Jacket and Venom Hoodie inspiration from film insect venom.

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