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How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants with Borax | The Pest Hunter

How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants with Borax

​There are several ways of treating ants but not all of them work. Yet whenever we hear of a possible solution to controlling these annoying little insects we don’t think twice before giving it a shot.

​So we decided to do a bit of research on many of these tried and tested natural treatments and found one ingredient to be really effective. And you know what is it? It’s Borax.

Borax!! what is Borax? Many confuse borax to boric acid when in fact they are not exactly the same thing. In fact, borax can be found in cosmetics, soaps and even toothpaste. It is only after processing that borax turns in to boric acid.

So how does this substance which doesn’t seem that harsh qualify to kill ants? Let’s find out.

​Does Borax Actually Kill Ants?

To answer this question, yes it does.

Borax may not be too toxic for humans or pets but they can mess up the digestive system of ants when they are consumed.

The good news is that borax will not cause immediate death to ants. It works slowly and but surely. Which means that if you can make an ant bait with borax, then the worker ants will feed on it and also have enough time to carry the bait back to the colony to feed the queen.

This will eventually lead to the death of the whole ant colony, helping you get rid of any signs of ants in the house.

​Part. 1

​Killing Ants Using Borax

​There are a number of ways you can use borax to kill the ants but no matter which method you use. Your main aim is to get the ants to feed on the powder. So using only borax may not do the trick. You will need to mix the powder with other items to attract the ants and ensure that they consume the bait.

Here are some ways to use borax to make ant baits:

​1. Using Sugar and Borax- Dry Solution

​Ants are mostly attracted to sweet stuff and it is unlikely that they will be able to resist sugar lying in the open for them to feed on.

To make an ant bait using borax and sugar, you will need to mix 3 quarters of a cup of sugar (powdered if possible) to one quarter of a cup of borax. Mix the two dry ingredients well and place the mixture on a tray or in a container and leave it where you usually notice ants.

If you decide to use this recipe to treat ants outside your home, then make sure you do not place it directly on plants as it can harm plants.

2. ​Using Sugar and Borax- Wet Solution

​Mix 1 cup of sugar with 1-third cup of borax and add a bit of water to make a paste or thick solution. Then simple place this sticky sweet solution on a plate or container and keep it where the ants can easily find their way to it.

​3. Using Borax and Honey

​Honey is another sweet substance that ants cannot resist, so why not make the best use of it? To make a bait with honey and borax, mix ½ cup of honey to ¼ cup borax and then add about 2 tablespoon of boiling water.

Stir the ingredients well to remove any lumps and then place the bait near ant trails or entry points. There really isn’t a time frame for this recipe to work but the honey should attract ants if they are nearby.

​4. Using Peanut Butter and Borax

​Using peanut butter as a bait works best on ants that feed on protein. For this recipe you will only need to mix half a teaspoon of borax to a bit of peanut butter and then place the mixture on a lid or plate.

Leave the bait where you are sure the ants will pass by or be able to sense it. As peanut butter tends to harden over time, you may need to check or re-bait quite often.

Part. 2

​How to Prevent Sugar Ants?

Pavement ants or pharaoh ants are known as sugar ants and are one of the most common ants found in homes. Depending on which kind of sugar ants catch your attention, they can either be black or reddish brown, or yellow or light brown in color.

Sugar ants are mostly attracted to sugary items but can also eat protein. Even though sugar ants are found inside the home, they can actually make their way into home from the outside where they are also found in large numbers.

Here are some ways to prevent sugar ants from entering your home:

  • ​Fix all cracks and openings that sugar ants can use to enter your home from outside.
  • Keep your home clean and free of traces of food. By sweeping and mopping floors and keeping all counters and tabletops clean you will be eliminating the smell of food that can attract ants.
  • Keep trash cans sealed and empty them regularly.
  • Hang garlic in cabinets and pantries. Garlic has a strong scent that masks the smell of other food. This effects the scent that ants use to make trails.
  • Locate any existing entry points and block them. You can easily pour glue or liquid candle wax to small holes on windows or doors to block the passage.

​Our Last Opinion

​According to many, sugar ants are not the hardest ants to control. But that doesn’t mean that they are any less annoying. When sugar ants appear in large numbers, they can be a nuisance and should be taken care of before the situation gets out of control.

The good news however is that you can get rid of sugar ants using borax, which is a safer and more home-friendly ingredient than many other insecticides.

However, we would still advice you to take proper safety precautions while using borax and keeping the substance away from children and pets.

As for the best results, we recommend trying out some, if not all, of the above recipes to see which one actually works best for you.

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