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Best Mosquito Repellents Reviews For 2021 | Ultimate Buying Guide
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Best Mosquito Repellents Reviews For 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Hell hath no fury like a thirsty mosquito. Mosquitoes are stubborn, resilient and terribly dangerous too. They carry multitude of diseases and parasites within them and ……well, yuck! Words can’t describe how much we hate this nonsense excuse of a bug.

A few of these bloodsuckers is all it takes to ruin a perfectly good day. And in times like this, bug repellents really do feel like a godsend from the heavens above.

But if there’s anything we learned over the last few years, it is that even the mosquito repellents aren’t all made equal. Some work, some are scams, some are odorless, some are too powerful and some are not potent enough.

Which is why we are going to teach you the tips and tricks that go into selecting the Best mosquito repellents! Sounds good? Let’s start!

​In A Hurry? Here Is Out Top 3 Recommended ​Mosquito Repellent

Instance 1

​Eiditor Choice

Mosquito Repeller plus Camp LanternMosquito Repeller plus Camp Lantern

​Thermacell Trailblazer Mosquito Repellent

Best Value

Thermacell MR TJ Portable Mosquito RepellerThermacell MR TJ Portable Mosquito Repeller

​Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller

​Costomer Choice

SawyerProducts Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect RepellentSawyerProducts Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

​Sawyer Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent

​Also, We Reviewed 15 Different types of Mosquito Repellent.

​So, What Exactly is a Mosquito Repellent?

​Many people have this weird idea that a mosquito repellent is a mix of these weird, mysterious and witchy ingredients and herbs that shoo away the bugs. ​And as much as we like how that sounds. . isn’t exactly how it works. A mosquito basically zeros onto you due to your carbon dioxide emission, humidity and warmth.

They are also attracted to certain chemicals in your sweat. What a mosquito repellent does is actually disturb and disrupt your body’s natural odor by masking it. This confuses and throws off your hungry friend and voila! That’s how you save yourself from becoming dinner.

A mosquito repellent can be used on skin, over clothes or even on objects to repel the bug. Today, they come in a massive array of formulas, consistencies and ingredients that make using them so much easier and effective than ever before.

​Types of Mosquito Repellents

​There are many types of mosquito repellent to choose from which is convenient for us. This means we do not always need to spray or rub on some smelly formula just to be protected.

​Spray Repellents

​These types of mosquito repellent are very common and may be sprayed on the clothing or skin. Some of the best sprays may contain a good concentration of DEET and are effective for several hours even when walking through deep woods where there are thousands of mosquitoes.

​Cream or Lotion Repellents

​Creams and lotions are applied directly to the skin and rubbed in creating a repellent barrier. This type repellent is a good solution in combination with mosquito repellent clothing. Creams or lotions can be found in natural solutions that have little or nor smell.

​Insect / Mosquito Repellent Clothing

​Insect repellent clothing is specially designed with tight fiber weave and infused with a long lasting natural insect repellent to prevent insect bites.This clothing is a very good solution to everyday mosquito protection. These types of mosquito repellent clothing are also becoming more available.

​Mosquito Repellent Devices

​Various devices will emit a repellent fragrance usually through burning. They include candles, coils or ThermaCELL products. Candles and coils have limited effectiveness however the ThemaCELL products are very effective for picnics, camping and even hiking with a portable unit.

​Electronic Repellents

​Electronic repellents emit ultrasonic sound as a deterrent to bugs and insects but have been found to be ineffective against mosquitoes.I would not recommend these types of mosquito repellent because most are a gimmick and will not keep you from being bitten.

​Mosquito Repellent Reviews


​Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Reviews

#1Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito RepellerThermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller5 of 5 Stars

​Turn it on, Mosquitoes Gone- a watchword that expresses how all of the Thermacell repellent products do its jobs with efficiency. And as for their MR-TJ, you can state the same. This particular repellent has not only made it to the list of the best mosquito repellent reviews but also has earned all the love from its users.

It comes with a coverage of 15-foot insect protection zone and keeps all the annoying mosquitoes at bay. The MR-TJ seems to be very lightweight so you can carry it anywhere you want. To highlight more convenience, this repellent does all its work without emanating any kind of odor and using any kind of chemicals.

But it might generate a little heat. However, to save yourself from the mess of lotions and sprays, this repeller has come to help you in driving all the negativity away. And as a bonus, you will get other stuff as well from the package, such as 3 repellent mats, 12 hour or refills and 1 fuel cartridge.

​What we liked

  • ​15-foot insect protection zone.
  • ​Lightweight, so it is easy to carry.
  • ​Odorless and free of DEET.
  • ​Easy to use.
  • ​Comes with a package of 1 fuel cartridge, 3 repellent mats and a 12-hour of refills.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Might produce a little heat.


​Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Lantern Reviews

#​2Thermacell Trailblazer Mosquito Repellent LED Camping LanternThermacell Trailblazer Mosquito Repellent LED Camping Lantern5 of 5 Stars

​This is another great product from the same brand that you can get for yourself since it follows the same watchword like the first one. This MR-CL of Thermacell repels the mosquitoes so effectively that you will be able to breath in peace.

Moreover, it emits a 300 lumen light that runs for about 50 hours and creates a 15-foot protection area to make it a great deal. You cannot only use it for your yard but also for fishing and camping. The best feature is its two independently halves where one half is for hanging outside to protect you from the insects and the other one is to use it as light.

Additionally, it neither has any flaming trouble nor it releases any smell. The unit tends to operate on a single fuel cartridge that you will get just with the box. However, it also operates on a 4D cell battery but it has not been included so you will need to buy it separately.

​What we liked

  • ​15 feet protection zone.
  • ​LED lantern with 4 light settings.
  • ​Run-time up to 50 hours.
  • ​Repel the mosquitoes with efficiency.
  • ​Ideal for camping and fishing.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Might not work well with wind movement.
  • ​Unclear instruction.


​Sawyer Picaridin Insect Repellent Reviews

#​3Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect RepellentSawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent5 of 5 Stars

​You do know that you can keep all the flying insects at bay just through your clothes? Because this Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent by Sawyer Products perform its task just by spraying it onto the clothes and gears with a slow sweeping motion.

One thing you must do before acting upon it is that to make sure if the sprayer works well. Because some people indeed have found a little issues on the sprayer. Once you do it, you will be able to see the its wonders as it repels the little vampires effectively. Even you can get saved from all kinds of diseases that they tend to carry with them.

You will find the product absolutely odorless, so there will be no worries of smell also. The great thing is it will give a great satisfaction while going for hunting as well. However, it can last up to 6 weeks and will take care of all of your clothes carefully so they don’t get damaged.

​What we liked

  • ​Repels the mosquitoes effectively via clothes.
  • ​Ideal for camping, hunting, and all outdoor trip.
  • ​No worries of smell.
  • ​Very easy and compartable to use.
  • ​Can last up to 6 washings.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The sprayer of the bottle needs improvement.


​Cutter Natural Insect Repellent Reviews

#​4Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent, Pump SprayCutter Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent, Pump Spray4.5 of 5 Stars

​Repel all those mosquitoes for about 6 hours with this Cutter lemon Eucalyptus repellent since it effective does its job with no worries. It has been designed in such that it will even shoo away those flying beasts that carry dangerous diseases.

The ingredient that has been used to make this repellant happens to be derived from Lemon Eucalyptus leaves. And since it is a DEET-free repellent so you can use it with confidence. One of the coolest thing is that it has a great Lemon Eucalyptus smell that you will love. And you will also find it free of stickiness and greasiness.

However, if you want to have the best result, it will be better if you spread it evenly for moistening the skin. But there is a warning that you cannot spray it to your face directly. So, if you want to apply it to your face, you have to do it through dispensing on the palm of hands and then applying it to the neck and face.

​What we liked

  • ​Repels disease-carrying mosquitoes.
  • ​Does the job effectively.
  • ​Has a great Lemon Eucalyptus smell.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Spraying it directly to the face might cause issues.


​Avon Skin so Soft Bug Guard Reviews

#​5Avon Skin so Soft Bug Guard PLUS IR3535 Insect RepellentAvon Skin so Soft Bug Guard PLUS IR3535 Insect Repellent4.5 of 5 Stars

​PLUS IR3535 happens to be a cool SPF 30 sunscreen lotion and a moisturizing Insect Repellent as well. You can call it another champ that has the ability to make it to the list of the best mosquito repellent reviews. So, this lotion will do two different work from just one bottle which means it will protect you from both the sun as well as the insects.

However, you will have to apply it about 15-minute before you get to insect and sun exposure. But if you want to keep it effective, you might need to reapply it again and again after every 2 hours that might be a hassle for you.

​What we liked

  • ​One lotion to serve the entire family.
  • ​Can protect you from both the sun and the insects.
  • ​Feels soft to use.
  • ​Has a nice smell.
  • ​Repels the mosquitoes effectively.
  • ​No sun burn issues.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Have to keep on reapplying it again and again to make it effective,
  • ​Comes in little container.
  • ​You might find the lotion a bit thick and heavy while using for the first time.


​OFF! Deep Woods Reviews

#​6Off Deep Woods Insect RepellentOff Deep Woods Insect Repellent​4 of 5 Stars

​Wanna repel bugs in the hardest condition? Surely you can have this Deep Woods Insect Repellent from the brand OFF!. It appears to offer a very long lasting protection that other rivals might fail to give and manage to drive the midges and mosquitoes away even when you are on hunting.

All you will be doing is spray the aerosol in a continuous sweeping motion. Once done, you can go for your work and let the repellent does its work. However, it has been formulated with 25 percent DEET that generates a vapor-like barrier on the skin so it can deter the little vamps from landing on your body.

The coolest part is its longer servicing that is, it offers about 8 hours of protection against the vamps. However, one thing you might like is its smell. But if you keep that drawback aside, there is no reason to not like the product.

​What we liked

  • ​Offers longer hour of protection against the midges.
  • ​Easy to use.
  • ​Repel almost many kinds of insects effectively.
  • ​Great to use before going for hunting.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​You might not like the smell it gives.
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​Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Reviews

#​7MaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest RepellerMaxMoxie Ultrasonic Pest Repeller​4 of 5 Stars

​If clapping your hands does not help then taking the help from Ever Pest will surely make a great impact to at least ward off the pests. This particular repellent works in a completely different way than other ones that have been mentioned in this ‘Best mosquito repellent reviews’.

And it’s the dual ultrasonic and electromagnetic factors that let the repellent work so effectively that your eyes won’t believe. Neither it has been labeled as toxic nor poisonous, it will just act as a nightmare for the vampires. And do you know how?

After you plug it and turn its LED bulb on, it will start to emit ultrasonic waves. And everyone knows how much the pests detest those sound that leads them to go away. Even your pet will feel as safe as you will. Covering up to 1,800 square feet area, it can make a great choice for having it.

​What we liked

  • ​Greater area coverage.
  • ​Repels the pests through ultrasonic way.
  • ​Get the job done without any wires.
  • ​Convenient to carry it anywhere.
  • ​Odorless, chemical free and poison free.
  • ​Safe for animals as well.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​No drawbacks have been found in this product.


​Repel Insect Repellent Reviews

#​8REPEL Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect RepellentREPEL Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent4.5 of 5 Stars

​This is another insect repellent that you might love to grab as soon as you know what wonders it does. This Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent by Repel does its job just like the brand name says. Exactly, it repels the insects away, even the ones from which you can get all those unlovable diseases such as Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue and many more.

This insect repellent contains oil that has been extracted from the leaves of the tree Lemon Eucalyptus. And applying it to your skin will not only give you a refreshing and cool fragrance but also will repel the beasts up to 6 hours. However, some still have got disappointment since they expected it to last longer than 6 hours. But other than that, it works as effectively as you want.

​What we liked

  • ​Repels the insects effectively.
  • ​Oil does its job amazingly.
  • ​Has a pleasant fragrance.
  • ​Last effectively up to 6 hours.
  • ​No nasty chemicals have been used.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Does not last longer than 6 hours. Even the effect begins to get faded before 6 hours.


​Ultrathon Insect Repellent Reviews

#​9Ultrathon Insect RepellentUltrathon Insect Repellent3.5 of 5 Stars

​One of the longest hours of protection that can be offered by a product is nothing but the one from Ultrathon. This particular insect repellent attempts to provide service of protection for up to 12 hours. So within that duration, you can make yourself free of all the worries.

It will not only repel the mosquitoes but also will drive away deer flies, fleas, gnats, chiggers, biting flies and ticks. Moreover, it features patented controlled-release technology and tends to be splash and sweat resistant. The only problem is the stickiness of lotion that might annoy you at certain times.

And you must also be careful while applying it on the skin, as using a lot of amounts might end up burning it. However, that does not decrease the quality of the product. And this is the reason why it got all the love from its users. Thus, you can actually give it a try to fall for it.

​What we liked

  • ​Gives you protection for up to 12 hours.
  • ​Repels the insects effectively.
  • ​Features patented controlled-release technology that help do the job.
  • ​Splash and sweat resistant.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Too much amount might burn your skin.
  • ​A little stickiness of the lotion could be annoying.


​Natrapel Insect Repellent Review

#​10Natrapel Mosquito, Tick and Insect Repellent WipesNatrapel Mosquito, Tick and Insect Repellent Wipes​4 of 5 Stars

​The Picaridin formula of Natrapel has proven itself to drive away the mosquitoes in a very effective way. So, even other DEET alternatives might give you a disappointing result, this will do exactly the opposite trick. With 20 percent of the formula’s concentration that has been suggested by the CDC, it takes action against the insects carrying unpleasant diseases.

And according to the brand, it is stated to be such a formula that will constantly repel the flying bloodsucking beings, unlike DEET. It basically comes as repellent wipes, so you will find it quite easy to use.

And it is even easier to unwrap a single wipe and use it right on the skin to have an 8-hour of protection. It’s appealing floral like scent will give you a pleasure and you can assure yourself that all the negative vibes will be flown away.

​What we liked

  • ​Easy to apply and simple to unwrap.
  • ​8 hours of protection.
  • ​It even reaches hard to spray areas.
  • ​The floral smell gives a pleasant feel.
  • ​Easy to carry in pockets or mini purses.
  • ​Does the job of repelling effectively.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​You might find it a little greasy.


​Best Mosquito Candle Repellent Reviews

#​11Votive Citronella CandlesVotive Citronella Candles4.5 of 5 Stars

​Bright up your environment with these beautiful Citronella Candles that come in a pack of 72 to just not only act as candles but as a repellent product as well. Made with the strongest citronella oil, it pleasantly manages to repel the insects up to 10 hours.

These yellow votive candles have a strong fragrance that ensures the protection from all the insects that can fly around you. It has been crafted with great quality paraffin wax and is able to fit most of the holders, be it mason jars or lanterns or anything.

The size of the candles are about 1.5 inch in diameter and 1.25-inch in height. The only problem you might find with the candles is that its wicks are a bit shorter.

​What we liked

  • ​Comes as a package of 72 small citronella candles.
  • ​Used the strongest citronella oil.
  • ​Does not only bright the environment but also repel the mosquitoes away.
  • ​The paraffin wax is high in quality.
  • ​Abel to fit in most of the holders.
  • ​Great for both indoor and outdoor.
  • ​Candles kindle up to 10 hours.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The wicks might be a bit shorter.


​Best Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Reviews

#​12Mosquito-Repellent-BraceletMosquito-Repellent-Bracelet​4 of 5 Stars

​You can even use repellent product in a more fashion way. With this Zepro Mosquito Repellent Bracelet Band, you can ward off those black hats quite differently. You will get these bands in a pack of 12 so you can make all of your family members wear it.

So, there is no hassle of spraying here and there and no trouble of expensive insect traps. This amazing band will serve you for up to 420 hours. And all you will just have to do is, wear it in your hands and drive the bad bugs away. And you can use it anytime you want, be it day or nighttime.

Another great thing about this band is that you will find it pretty comfortable as it will not fit tight to the wrist. But you might need to check the quality of the handle as people have found it a little flimsy.

​What we liked

  • ​Elegant and comfy to use.
  • ​Repel the insects effectively.
  • ​Not too smelly and not too greasy.
  • ​Pack of 12 helps every member to use it.
  • ​You can use it anytime you want.
  • ​Up to 420 hours of protection.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The quality of the handle is flimsy.


​Coleman Insect Repellent Deet Free Reviews

#​13Coleman 100 Insect Repellent PumpColeman 100 Insect Repellent Pump3.5 of 5 Stars

​The great thing about this Coleman mosquito repellant is that it won’t be giving you any disappointment that many other DEET repellent products give. Keep yourself protected for about 10 hours and stay confident while having this on your skin.

Although, you might need to spend a little but it is tolerable to go for it if you want to have the best result. You might not even like its oiliness, yet the work it does makes it even convincing to have for yourself. It will not be only repelling mosquitoes, but also will drive away No-See-Ums, Flies, Stable Flies, Deerflies, Fleas, Black Flies, Gnats, Ticks, Biting Flies and Chiggers.

It will even repel the ones that might carry severe diseases that you just want to avoid. Just have it on your skin and clothes and see the difference and the effects of DEET protection. So even if you go for hunting, you can use it without any trouble as it will not leave any kind of weird odor.

​What we liked

  • ​Easy to use and apply.
  • ​Great for hunters and sportsmen.
  • ​Gives up to 10 hours of protection.
  • ​Low odor formula.
  • ​Does the job of repelling effectively.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​You might find it quite oily.


​Best Mosquito Repellent Patches Reviews

#​14MosQuitO Repellent PatchMosQuitO Repellent Patch​4 of 5 Stars

​After getting included in many of the best mosquito repellent reviews, this particular Repellent Patch has grabbed a lot of popularity for its brilliant effectiveness. So, if you think you hate the idea of using spray or applying greasy lotions, you can go for smart alternatives that you will find in this product.

It comes in a pack of 4 and you can use it anywhere you want. No matter where you go, you can enjoy the outdoor till you have this with you. Its honeycomb lattice design of the patch lets the oil to concentrate it for giving a stronger protection to everyone in the family.

Its nontoxic and DEET free factors make it impressive to have it for yourself. So, if you think you want to have a protection for about 12 hours, this would be a great deal.

​What we liked

  • ​Strong formula for honeycomb lattice essence to make it effective.
  • ​12 hours of protection.
  • ​Safe for every family members and pets even.
  • ​Repel the insects greatly.
  • ​No irritation.
  • ​Create a shield of 4 feet around you.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Might not work in heavier infestation.


​Mosquito Repellent Incense Sticks Reviews

#​15Murphy's Mosquito SticksMurphy's Mosquito Sticks​4 of 5 Stars

​Although it has been listed in the last, but that does not mean the performance of the repellent will be disappointing. As long as it is still in the best list, you can call it one of the best repellents to have. However, this repellent by the Murphy’s Mosquito Sticks is stated to be ridiculously good and natural insect repellent that works on repelling the insects as effectively as you want.

You will get three tubes in a pack and each pack will have 12 repellent sticks. These sticks appear as bamboo that has been infused with Lemongrass, Citronella and Rosemary. They will burn for about 2 hours to give a protection shield against the mosquitoes.

​What we liked

  • ​2 hours of protection
  • ​Repels the mosquitoes effectively.
  • ​DEET free and natural.
  • ​You will get 3 tubes where each has 12 sticks.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Might be highly susceptible to the wind.

​Why Mosquitoes Munch Me More Than Others

​Well, this is something you want to sit down for. This question has been bugging people for years and researchers and scientists finally have an idea why mosquitoes munch on some people more than others.

Reason: 1. ​Drinking Beer

​Here’s something you probably never thought you’d read and we thought we’d write: drinking beer attracts mosquitoes!While the exact reasons are still unknown, the theory is that the increase in body temperature, and eventual sweating, due to alcohol consumption is the reason.

Reason: 2. ​Pregnancy

​Mosquitoes find pregnant women delicious. One explanation behind this odd appetite could be due to the increase in carbon dioxide release.You know now that CO2 is the real deal for these bugs, and guess what? Pregnant women release almost 21% more carbon dioxide than non-pregnant women. Do you see the math here?

Reason: 3. ​Clothing Color

​This is probably something you have already witnessed and can relate to. Mosquitoes are magnetically attracted towards darker clothes. One reason to this is because dark clothes can increase your body temp, which as we know is a invitation for dinner for these guys.When you wear darker clothes, you also increase your body temp. As a result, you attract more mosquitoes!

​But, Does Mosquito Repellent Really Work?

​Given the number and multitude of bogus and nonsense mosquito repellents in the market today, we totally understand and justify when you doubt the efficacy of a mosquito repellent.But to answer your question: Yes! Yes, mosquito repellents do work. Only as long as you pick the right stuff only.Essentially, it is all a matter of basic chemistry. Your body temperature plays a huge role here. The warmer you are, the more you sweat and emit. And mosquito repellents cover and mask and even disrupt your natural odor and warmth.It is all a matter of how well they work; that, we think, is the more important question here. Some mosquito repellents are more potent than others. Some are more chemical based while some are more natural.Even the Best bug repellents in the market aren’t always the most powerful. But whatever it is, they essentially do the same thing: mask your body odor to confuse and throw of the bug. Some formulas are spot-on, other are mmm well… “okay”, we guess.Mind you, something that works great on your friend may not show the same results on you. Everybody is different and everybody’s body functions and emit differently. The trick here’s to find something you know will work for you.And that’s what exactly what our article is here to help you with today: finding the Best insects repellent for your needs.

​Importance of Using Insect Repellents for Kids

For the kids, you want nothing but Even the Best mosquito repellents. And before we cover your issues, we want to take a minute to tell you about how stinking important it is to use an insect repellent for kids. There’s no hmm no but.

It is a must! Kids are always running or crawling or hanging and fighting or doing whatever the heck it is that they do. Needless to say, their body temp is a lot higher than a relaxed person so they do end up attracting more mosquitoes.

Apart from that, they are very vulnerable and too carefree to work about the bites, making them easy meal for the bugs. It is therefore very important that you choose the correct insect repellent for your kids. First of all, always carry one with you wherever your kids go.

You have repellents in the form of spray, Ointment or Cream, mists and even patches. Insects repellents need to be refreshed every often (much like sunscreens) depending on the type of repellent you use.

Some can be applied directly onto skin while others are made to be used on fabrics and clothes, only. Also, always make sure of the ingredients in your kid’s insect repellent. Some ingredients, like lemon essential oil, can triggers allergies and rashes in kids.

Be cautious of your kids ingesting these concoctions and always keep them away from their reach.

​5 Important Feature You Need To Know Before Using

​As you can see, insect repellents are to be used carefully and by the instructions. They are great stuff and work well, but there are still very potent concoctions that can do quite a bit of damage if you are not aware. And to understand the product even better, you must, first of all, know a thing or two about insect repellents.Almost all insects repellents are made using some key ingredients, both natural and synthetic, to shoo away the bugs. Formulas differ from brand to brand and hence, so does potency.Some of the most popular mosquito repellents include DEET, Picaridin, and Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, or combinations. (We will cover each of these ingredients more elaborately in a few minutes!).Whatever the concoction or formula or whatever it is that you use, you must know to abide by a few guidelines. This includes some of the following:


Insect repellent wear time

​Different types of insect repellent offers different periods of wear time. For example, 6.65% of DEET can offer 2-3 hours of protection while 23.8% DEET offers about 5 hours of protection.


​Safety for kids

​Mind it, natural doesn’t always mean harmless. There have been multiple reports that insect repellents with Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus can triggers allergies or reactions in kids. Use Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus based repellents on kids over the age of 3.


​Application surface (skin, fabric, objects, etc)

​Some repellents are safe on skin, some are not. However, almost all repellents are harmful if you use them on broken, cut or already damaged skin with open wounds.People with skin conditions like eczema should also consider consulting their physician before applying commercial and potent insect repellents.


​Ingredient list to check for allergies

​Believe it or not but most insects repellent can be used on babies as young as 2 months old! That’s how safe these are.Having said that, allergies are a deal threat and so it is very important that you check the ingredient list for things that could triggers allergies.


​Prohibited users

​Although mostly safe, some repellents should not be used on certain criteria of people, animal or things.

What’s the Best way to Use Mosquito Repellent?

​One should always be careful while using mosquito repellent. It is safe, but it is chemical after all. Follow these few steps to make the most out of your mosquito repellent:

  • ​Do not apply over dirty, greasy or wet skin.
  • ​Refrain from using any mosquito repellent under your clothes. Over your clothes and skin is the way to go.
  • ​Do not over spray or over apply. A little goes a long way.
  • ​Don’t forget to reapply and refresh the mosquito repellent product on yourself. Like we said previously, they have a wear time after which they are no longer potent. Having said that, avoid reapplying at all, if possible.
  • ​Apply you’re your body first, and then to your face.
  • ​Steer clear from apply or spraying around your nostrils, eyes, and mouth. If ingested, rinse thoroughly. If it begins to sting or irritate you, then visit the ER as soon as possible.
  • ​Pregnant women should use mosquito repellent that are EPA-registered, only.
  • ​Do not spray or apply mosquito repellents over animals without consulting a vet.
  • ​After moving back indoors, wash treated skin with soap and water.
  • ​Wash off the hands after applying any repellents. This is especially important for kids who tend to put hands in their mouths.

​Meet With Your Active Ingredients

​Remember we told you about those fancy sciency insect repellent ingredient names? Well, here they are, and some safe ways to use them and make them more effective.

​Ingredients 1: ​DEET

​The absolute king and the best of them all! DEET or N-diethyl-m-toluamide is one of the oldest mosquito repellent ingredients around. And the best part is that it is also the most potent, yet safe!DEET, in mosquito repellent, come in various percentages, and the higher the percentage, the more repellent it is usually. It also multifunction as a repellent to an array of bugs like leeches, fleas, ticks, etc.Flies are one more bug that needs some smacking and DEET based repellents make for one of the best outdoor fly repellents.Although there have been a few cases of DEET reactions, and we mean very few; the product is harmless to you if you use it properly and carefully.Be aware though, IT has a strong odor and is pungent. It is also not the longest wearing. But still makes for the even the Best mosquito and ticks repellents in use today.DEET is the industry standard for the best bug repellents today and is almost always the first choice for people who are looking for a repellent that strong, powerful and no nonsense!One of the best insects repellent DEET is from the OFF! Deep Woods which has around 24%.

​Ingredients 2: ​Picaridin

​If there’s anything ingredient that’s second to DEET in the mosquito repellent world, then it would be Picaridin. It, also known as Icaridin, is second mosquito repellent ingredient in the world. It is potent and does a great job of keeping the bloodsuckers away.Picardin is convenient because it is fairly longer wearing than DEET. It is also known to be odorless and less pungent. Apart from being a mosquito swatter, it is also one of the best fly repellents.

​Ingredients 3: ​IR3535

​IR3535, or 3-[N-Butyl-N- acetyl]-aminopropionic acid, ethyl ester (good lord!) is a less potent, less pungent alternative for DEET. It does pose a few health risks and isn’t the most effective if we were to compare it to DEET or Picaridin.Having said that, it still does a good job and is more a lightweight option over the rest. IR3535 is usually used in conjunction with other repelling ingredients that make its effects last longer and better. Keep in mind, however, that could irritate the eyes.

​Ingredients 4: ​Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus

​And finally, you have Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, which is actually a trade name for any repellent that uses the extract of the eucalyptus tree. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus a good mosquitoes repellent, but isn’t too powerful on its own.It is therefore always used in combination with other ingredients, much like IR3535, to make it more effective. It has one of the lowest wear time, but it is natural, lightweight and non-pungent. Keep in mind, however, that this ingredient is not the most favored by kids.

​We will cover a whole section for kids short so keep reading!

​Our Safety and Effectiveness Considerations

​Safety Considerations

​1. DEET Safety

​DEET is one of those substances that really suffer from perception problem. It is hands down of the best and most effective mosquito repellent created by man.Also, it is still on shelves today! Having said that, there were few studies that said otherwise back in the days.But mind you, that adverse reactions from DEET are extremely low and rare. Luckily, they have been debunked and the factual truth is it is safe as long as you use it carefully. You can use DEET based formulas on babies, toddlers and of course, adults.Just avoid eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Refrain from using DEET (or any repellent) on the agitated skin.

​2. Picaridin Safety​

​Picardin, much like DEET, is pretty safe to use. You can use it just like you use DEET based formulas: on the skin, on fabric, etc. It is lightweight in texture and consistency so it’s easy to wear.It is also odorless and non-pungent so the kids won’t be fussing about it. Just make sure you do not apply it to sensitive areas and open wounds.

​3. IR3535 Safety

​IR3535, much like the rest of the repellent ingredients. Don’t pose any harmful side effects or long-term effects on us.However, it is very well known for causing irritation to the eyes. Having said that, it is much more lightweight and skin-friendly than DEET.

​4. Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus Safety

​Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is a natural bug repellent ingredient. But natural doesn’t always mean safe. It is great for almost everyone from toddlers to adults, but it has been reported to show signs of stress on babies.It is very important that you do not use any bug repellent consisting Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus on children under the age of 3.

Effectiveness Considerations


DEET Effectiveness

​To makes the most of our DEET mosquito repellents, you have first know what percentage of concentrations matters.A lot! 5 to 10% in DEET concentration is the best mosquito repellents for babies. And for toddlers, sticking above 20% is fine.To make the most out of DEET, make sure you are not wearing any strong perfume or does to overwhelm the DEET-y goodness.Remember, DEET is very oily and has a heavy consistency. Also, very pungent too. A little goes a long way


​Picaridin Effectiveness

​Picaridin makes the best bug repellent for toddlers and babies. One way to make the most out of Picaridin based repellents is to be a little more generous with the application. Since Picaridin has a shorter wear time than DEET.


​IR3535 Effectiveness

​IR3535 is great for all and everyone. Kids and tods love it because it is light and leaves skin feeling like they have nothing on. Yet, it is very effective. IR3535 is known for protecting against mosquitoes that carry malaria, Zika, etc.However, IR3535 isn’t as powerful as DEET or Picaridin, so you may want to look for a Picaridin based formula that is combined with other bug repelling ingredients.


​Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus Effectiveness

​Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus is very lightweight and user-friendly. It doesn’t have that pungency or odor to it and is very lightweight too. However, it is much toned down in terms of repelling capabilities and has a shorter wear time.Similar to IR3535, try and look for combinations when using Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus based repellents.

​How do I know if my repellent is safe to use?

​There are heaps of repellents on the market, and knowing which one’s safe or harmful is tough luck. However, one sure and confirm the way to make sure that your repellent is safe and harmless is by making sure that it is registered through the EPA (Environmental Protection Act). The mosquito repellents are always safe, effective and registered!Unregistered repellents are hardly ever tested for quality or safety. They are just put together and released into the market. The potential risks are therefore very high.But with EPA registered repellents, you know they are tested and tried and checked for quality and ingredients. They are only introduced into the market when EPA deems them qualified enough for our use.The CDC (Center for Disease Control) promotes registered repellents to against insects that transmit diseases such as Zika, malaria, etc. And Picaridin, DEET, IR3535, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus are some of the many registered repellents.

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