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11 Best Organic Insecticide For Vegetable & Flower Garden For 2020

From Pests to Perfection: Discover the Ultimate Organic Insecticide for Your Vegetable and Flower Garden’s Triumph!

If you have a vegetable garden, then you already know that it can take a while to find a good insecticide. And there’s a reason for that most of the time. Good and reliable insecticides are very hard to find, which is why you need to take your time as you find the right option.

The thing to keep in mind here is that you can also find natural insecticides, and most of them are actually really good. Which does bring in front the following ideas.

​1. Essential Oils

The thing to keep in mind here is that essential oils are extremely good at keeping pests away. This also includes insects. It most likely comes from the very powerful smell.

But at the same time, some essential oils also include some really powerful compounds, and in the end that can be extremely problematic and challenging in its own right. So yes, try to take that into consideration if you can, as it’s quite intriguing.

​2. Beer

Beer sounds great for us, but insects in general don’t like it. Some of them do, so it can work either way. ​Either it can be used as an insecticide, or you can opt for the other option that attracts insects and you can eliminate them that way. ​It can come in handy, so you do need to check it out.

​3. Combine Peppers, Onion, and Garlic

Crush all of these and put the combination of crushed items near the veggies. You can rest assured that the smell is so powerful that nothing will come near those veggies aside from you.

Yes, this is one of the better insecticides out there and it can indeed do wonders most of the time.

It’s the type of thing that you will use quite often and it will certainly bring in a new perspective and unique set of features to the entire process.

​4. Diatomaceous Earth

This may not be an organic recipe that you can use as an insecticide, but it still works really well. The idea is to put it near the affected plants or you can spread it on the leaves.

It still offers you all the features you need, and that in the end can be quite handy most of the time. Whether you like it or not, this can be a very efficient option, and one that you should use quite a bit.

​5. Lemon Peels

Lemon peels are actually among some of the best insecticides out there. Why? Because they have a very powerful smell. You do need to put boiling water over them, as it will just boost the absorption power.

Of course, you can add the peels near your veggies and the results will actually be nothing short of unique and interesting in the end.

​6. Chrysanthemum

This is a great flower, but if you put it near your veggies it will be a natural insecticide. ​You can also take some of the dried flowers and then use them to create a water spray.

Once you spray this on your plants, they will be able to eliminate insects. ​The mixture actually affects the nervous system of these pests, and in the end, it’s the ultimate antidote in that perspective.

​7. Neem Oil

Just like many other oils, neem oil can be really good at protecting your veggie garden. ​It offers you just about all the features you need and in the end it can be the perfect tool for handling your vegetable garden correctly.

It’s certainly worth the effort, and it’s the primary reason why you may need to check it out.

​8. Tobacco

Why is tobacco good as an insecticide? There may be multiple things that lead to this, but the primary one is that it has a really powerful smell. ​And with the right approach, it can work even better than you would imagine.

The idea is to handle this correctly and to manage everything the best way that you can. ​The mixture of water and tobacco can do wonders too, so that’s an even better thing to consider at this particular time.

​9. Baby Shampoo

No one really uses this and that’s a shame. There are lots of unique features you can get from here, and the best one is that you can use shampoo with water and spray it on the plant.

Insects won’t come near it, and that does help you get a whole lot of benefits without that much effort. ​It’s not a pleasant thing for the insects, so they will just go away.

​10. Salt

Depending on what insects come to you, the idea is that putting salt on them or near them can help you a lot.

That’s actually a good option in the case of snails, as it offers you a much better set of results, and the experience can be extremely good from that perspective.

A lot of people should know and use this. Not only does it protect your garden, but it doesn’t kill snails either, it just pushes them away.

​11. Insect Corpses

It may not seem like a great idea at first, but using insect corpses to attract insects and then eliminate them can be worth it. ​Ideally, it will offer you a way to eliminate the insects naturally and you do need a proper insecticide after the insect corpses to offer you all the features that you may need. ​It’s still well worth it, so try to use that to your advantage.

​Our Last Opinion

It’s safe to say that using a good insecticide can help protect your vegetable garden. And as you can see from this article, there are so many options out there. You just have to figure out which is the right one and the experience can be an amazing one.

As long as you work hard to find the right approach, nothing can stand in your way. But you do need to have patience and you have to focus on being committed to the matter at hand. As you do that, nothing will be impossible, so try to consider all the possible challenges!

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