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Kapas | Outdoor Electric Mosquito Zapper Reviews in 2021

Kapas Outdoor Electric Mosquito Zapper Reviews in 2021

At some point we have all encountered the painful bites of mosquitoes, to flies invading your house or even having crawling insects all over your walls and counters, and we can all agree that they can be a true menace.

From inability to sleep or concentrate on doing the household duties to the embarrassment that comes with, many of us are willing to go the extra mile just to ensure we have the level of comfort we need.

Kapas Outdoor Electric Mosquito Zapper

This has found us trying out and spending on all types of products for each of them which are expensive as it is a hustle, however hope is not lost with the electric zapper.

It is the best outdoor bug zapper, yet allowing you to kill all the bugs including moths, flies, gnats, mosquitoes, pest among others with just one product. What could be better than this multipurpose product?


The structure of this product is what makes it tick as it includes: Black light, this is used as an attraction for the bugs, which are always pulled by light and electrically charged metal grills for killing the bugs through electrocution.

The structure is a sure way of making sure that all bugs are dead and that none escape, making the product highly efficient.

Large Coverage

The Electric insect zapper, kapas 40w bug killer lantern is an outdoor trap serves to kill at types of bugs in and out of your house, across one acre. This means goodbye to seeing this irritants as it ensure that not only your house but your compound is fully protected from them. 

By use of its high yet uncomplicated system, trap can reach large areas allowing you to relax with your doors and windows open, without the fear of the bugs coming back from the surrounding.

High Efficiency

The Electric Insect zapper, Kapas 40W Outdoor Bug Killer Lantern is highly efficient in killing any flying insect such as flies, moths, mosquitoes amongst many others. This efficiency is due to the modern style of technology used; non-clogging grids, high voltage grids, back UV rays as well as a non-rust and thin surface.

​Kapas Outdoor Electric Mosquito Zapper

​With these features, the device has gained popularity amongst its users over the years; evident from the many customer reviews on major e-commerce sites such as Amazon


The manufactures of the electric zapper aim at protecting the consumers at all times when using their products which is why they ensure that they use black bulbs which are not harmful to humans. The existence of an outer mesh is also an added advantage for the user.

These is because it makes sure that there is zero contact between the human and the electrified grills preventing electric shocks from taking place. Safety measures have further been put in place by not using chemicals, fumes or even smells, making sure your customer experience is commendable.


Ease of handling is important for any product. This is why the electric insect zapper Kapas 40W Lantern comes at the size of 10 x 10 x 14 inch and 6.17 lb making it highly portable, a feature that allows it to be used both in the outdoors and indoors due to the easy transfer from one place to another. It also gives you an option for targeting where you are able to place it at the most problematic areas.

Compare with others bug zapper

Product Name



Coverage Area

1.5 Acre

4,000 Sq. Ft

500 sq.ft.

Uses Area

Indoor & Outdoor


Indoor & Outdoor

Item Dimensions

14.5 x 10.9 x 10.7 in

17.7 x 11 x 5 in

12.5 x 6 x 6 in

How to change bulb for outdoor bug zappers (watch full video)

Our Last Opinion

With the use of insect Electric bug zapper lantern, you can now enjoy be it camping, rainy and indoor days better. Having been used widely, the product is tested and guaranteed to work for you and with you.

As is always advised, before getting any product, make sure you have done your exhaustive research, sought for testimonials or referrals about the product. There is nothing as good as getting value for your money and time!

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