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How to Swat Flying Insects Without a Fly Swatter

​Most flying insects, like houseflies have a 360° field of vision, which makes it very difficult to kill them or at least chase them out of the house.  Not to mention their quick speed which can sometimes leave you frustrated, especially if you do not have a fly swatter nearby. Check here the list of Best Electric Fly Swatter

So what do you know on such occasions when you have an annoying flying insect in the house and no fly swatter to swat it?

​Seems like there are lots of ways to whack these winged bugs using your own hands as well as other objects. So if you just hate the sight of a house fly, mosquitoes or other flying insects around you then you need to teach yourself some of the techniques which we have listed down below.

Step. 1

​Using Your Own Hands to Swat a Flying Insect

​We are going to be looking at 3 ways in which you can use your own hands to swat a fly. Trust us, it is possible and once you have mastered these techniques, you will want to give yourself a pat on the back.

​1. Slap the fly with one hand

​You will only need to use one of your hands and a flat surface for this practice. Your aim will be to trap the insect between your hand and a table or counter top maybe. Avoid making sudden movements and slowly get closer to the fly, and then slap it in one swift movement down on the flat surface.

Tip: Normally when a fly senses danger in front of it, it tends to fly backwards, so arc your hand over and try to trap it just a little to its behind.

If you are approaching it from behind, then it might move forward, for which you will need to aim your hand a few inches in front of it.

​2. Propel one finger to hit the fly

​You can use this method if you see a slow moving fly already landed on a flat surface. Place your swatting hand on the surface where the fly is still and left your pointer or middle finger up just above it. Using your other hand, pull back the finger you wish to use to snap the fly and release it in one swift movement on the fly.

​3. Clap the fly between two hands

​You can use this method if you do not want to kill a flying insect but trap and release it outside. Reach for the insect with both of your hands on either side of it and then trapping it in between your palms. You can make your hands in a cup position to create some space in between your palms so that the insect is not squeezed inside.

Step. 2

​Using an Object for Swatting

​If you are not up for using your hands directly then there are several objects that you can use as an alternate to fly swatters.

​1. Swat with a spatula

​You can use a spatula in the same manner that you would use a fly swatter. Move close to a stationary fly quickly snap it with the spatula. Don’t forget to wash the spatula with dish soap before you use it for cooking again.

​2. Hit with a solid, heavy object

​Similarly, you can use any heavy object to swing at the fly and swat it. Items like books, a shoe or even a rolled up magazine will work as these items are light enough to swing but heavy enough to drive the motion and do the job.

​3. Try a dish cloth or towel

​You can also kill a fly with a small dish cloth or towel of you have either one nearby. Simply hold and pull the two ends of the cloth with two hands and release one end to bring down the cloth in a swift swinging motion to hit the fly. You can also use a moist towel to add a bit of weight.

​4. Use a magazine to “shoo” the fly

​If you want to move the fly to a room or area where you feel you will have a better chance at killing it or driving it out of your home, then use a magazine to shoo the insect to your preferred direction. By fanning the fly, you can make it move towards any direction.

​5. Use a hand vacuum

BLACK+DECKER BDH2020FLFH MAX Lithium Flex Vacuum

​Get as close as possible to a fly or insect and try to vacuum it in using a hand vacuum. You have to be very quick in doing this as the sound of the machine can alert the bug but with the right speed and perfect positioning you can easily take advantage of the air from the hand vacuum to suction in any flying insect.

​6. Using a cup & paper

​If you catch sight of a fly sitting on a table, then you can use a clear cup to trap it. You need to be quick to do this however. Approach the fly with the cup in your hand and then quickly place it over the fly to trap it. Next you will need a piece of paper, preferably something not too thin, to carefully slide beneath the cup. You will need to be careful not to lift the cup too much, or else the fly will escape.

​7. Salt fly gun

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 from Skell

​You can also purchase a fly gun to do the job for you. A fly gun is a tool that shoots or sprays regular table salt to completely destroy flies upon contact. You may not have very good luck with really small flies, but the gun works pretty well on most flying insects.

​8. Using the hand sweep

​Try sweeping your hands a few inches above an idle fly and closing your hands as soon as you pass it. If done right, your hand movement will startle the fly and it will try to take off but end up trapped in your hands.

​Our Last Opinion

​So there you have it, all the ways in which you can swat a flying insect with a fly swatter. Some of the methods above may be more effective than others but they all require practice and patience. Depending on the situation and what technique you are most comfortable with, you are definitely going to find something that works best for you.

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