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12 Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Forever From Your Home

12 Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Forever From Your Home

I bet the last thing you want to see in your home, if not bedroom to be precise, is a bed bug. Unfortunately, they sometimes find their way in and become a serious problem to deal with. According to the experts, they can cause a range of health effects, psychological effects as well as allergic symptoms.

Even though they used to be a public health pest all over the world, they declined significantly in the mid-20th century. Today, they’re on the rise again for various reasons and many people are struggling to get rid of them but in vein. If you’re among them, consider yourself lucky because I am going to give you a solution that you’ve been looking for. Just read along and find out how.

​12 Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

1. Clean the house using tea-tree oil

​It has been proven that this oil has the ability to get rid of bed bugs from your house. First, you need to clean the whole house… and I mean thorough cleaning. Add few drops of oil into water and use it to wash all clothes as well as beddings. Carpets need to be cleaned too, which means you need to get a vacuum container to vacuum the carpets.

After thorough cleaning, your house is now ready for the spray. Spray all off them with the oil. After which, do the same within the compound and in that way, you’ll be able to get rid of those bed bugs.

If you can find a way to point steam on the invaders, you’ll be able to get rid of them because they will all die plus their eggs. Walk into hardware and buy a bed bug steamer device that can generate steam. When spraying steam, don’t only concentrate on the areas that you’re sure they reside, but spray every part of the house and the equipment’s as well.

If there is no any hardware around, try converting electric containers that you have into a steam-generating device. Steaming the bed bugs is the most simplest and effective way of getting rid of them.

​3. Get rid of the affected items

​Sometimes, you’ll have no option but to discard some items that you think are stronghold of the bed bugs. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that these insects are impossible to deal with, but sometimes even steaming may not reach all the parts of the item that contains them. For instance, sofa sets and mattresses are always hiding places and reaching them may only be possible if you destroy the item.

Don’t just throw away the items because someone might pick them up and spread the problem to more people. Ensure you destroy all the discarded items. Be sure to inspect the bordering rooms just to be sure they aren’t there because bed bugs can really spread faster than you think.

4. Apply fine silica gel

Get some crystal silica gel, crush and apply in all the affected areas. You can smear it on the walls, chairs, mattresses and so on. Because silica is sticky, these insects will be stuck wherever they are and starve to death. Furthermore, they won’t be able to breath and that means that they can die within few hours after the exercise. Remember it’s dangerous to your health if you inhale it and you need to be careful not to.

​5. Repair your house

​Bed bugs love to reside along the cracks of the wall especially during the day when they’re still waiting for you to come to bed and feed them with your blood. You may use all the methods available but some will remain in the deep cracks.

So, if you rely want to get rid of these intruders, you must feel those cracks. In that way, the ones, which are inside during repair, will obviously die and other won’t come because the hiding place is gone. That also destroys all their eggs and nests at ones.

​6. Use a vacuum cleaner

Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

It’s highly recommended that when bed bugs decide to share your apartment with you, you should vacuum the house, which helps to remove them together with their eggs from wherever they’ve taken refuge. While vacuuming, try to focus on the areas they’re likely to hide like mattress and carpet edges.

When you’re done with the job, put the vacuum content in a sealed plastic bag and throw away. A sealed bag ensures that no bed bugs and eggs trapped in will have a chance to live again.

Vacuuming is also makes the house clean and hence puts the bed bugs at bay. If you didn't know; those insects love dirt more than your blood… I am just saying…

7. Use appropriate insecticides

​It’s hard to find a house without any crack, which provides residence for insects like bed bugs. So, if you’ve been invaded, it’s predictable that they’re in those cracks. Those cracks therefore need treatment and that is done by applying residual insecticides. To be precise, use pyrethroids, that is usually considered the best for bed bugs. For maximum penetration of the insecticide into those cracks, you should first get rid of dirt by vacuuming the house.

After you’ve applied the insecticide, wait for two weeks and if you see a sign that some are still present, repeat the process ones more. That doesn’t mean that the insecticide was not effective, but it may be because you didn’t reach all their nests. Again, two weeks is enough time for the eggs to hatch since you may have left them safe as you destroyed the others.

If you have some items that cannot be washed or thrown away because they’re of high value, use a non-toxic spray then keep them in plastic bag and seal. In a month or two, all the bed bugs plus their eggs will have died.

You may not like the smell that results from the non-toxic bed bug spray so; dry cleaning would help a great deal.

8. Use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

​If you want a real and lasting solution, this non-toxic powder, which some people call Bed Bug Dust, will get the job done. Surprisingly, many people are struggling to get rid of these insects and nobody ever tells them to go for Bed Bug Dust, which is readily available in almost all the local feed as well as supply store.

Spread the powder around all rooms that have been invaded by the bed bugs. In more often than note, they’ll wait until you go to bed before they come out of their hiding places. Well, they will try to do the same in the night that you applied the powder. In that way, they’ll all die out of dehydration.

All of them get agitated with this powder and comes out to crowd on it and in that way, they all die. Isn’t that amazing? I bet you can’t wait to watch them dry up after biting you for too long.

​9. Seek help from a pest control firm

​Companies that deal with pest control have qualified professionals with skills to find out and eliminate almost all pests including bed bugs. Again, they have enough equipments and tools to get the job done.

What’s important is whether you’ll allow them access to every part and room of your house. With restrictions, they might not be able to eradicate bed bugs completely. If you are from Fresno CA? Pest Control Cop can do it for you.

​10. Launder items at high temperature

Put all the beddings and clothing in the tumble dryer and let them heat for more than 15 minutes and ensure that it’s on a very high temperature setting. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning on your laundry area because the items you’ve just cleaned may leave some bed bugs or their eggs. It’s advisable that you use a sanitizer when you’re cleaning.

After cleaning all the items, keep them in a sealed plastic bag for some weeks so that you avoid contamination as well as starve any pest that might have come out of the dryer alive.

​11. Isolate your bed

​Once bed bugs have found their way into your house, they can hide anywhere but the most predictable thing is that they’ll leave their hiding places to feed on you when you’re asleep at night. Many of them will therefore hide in your beddings.

After doing a thorough cleaning, steaming and spraying, the last thing to do is isolate your bed from other items as well as the wall so that bed bugs cannot get access to it; just in case some of them still exist.

12. Elevate your mattress

Hypoallergenic Breathable Mattress Protector

After isolating the bed, elevate your mattress as well as box spring above the ground using a bed frame. Don’t leave any bed sheet hanging since pests might find a way to climb up to you. In that way, you’ll be able to sleep soundly even as you’re still struggling to get rid of all of them from the entire house.


​I know you have suffered for too long but that stops now if you follow the above ways. Help me say no to bed bugs by taking a step towards getting rid of them. Good Luck.

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