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6 Best Way to Prevent Mosquito Bites Effectively | The Pest Hunter

Shield Yourself: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Ways to Prevent Mosquito Bites and Enjoy Bite-Free Moments

​There is nothing pretty as relaxing as sitting in the backyard or balcony in the warm evening or listening to the raindrops by the window. But, all the good things have to come with challenges. In this case: Mosquitoes!

They are attracted to lights and can cause a myriad of health risks. To mention more, they can be extremely infuriating to have to deal with! And even being a giant to them, you can do nothing but clap your hand or slap your body to kill them. Well, now you don’t need to take all that pain. Because I have come up with some useful tips so you can get rid of those annoying creatures.

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What Health Risks Are Associated With Mosquitoes?

Before jumping to the solution, it is essential that I give a spotlight to the risks that come with mosquitoes.

1. Dengue Fever

You will likely experience a sudden high fever and you might bleed a bit from your gums or nose. Other severe health risk like once your small vessels get leaky, the fluid will begin to develop in your belly and lungs.

2. Malaria

Some oldest mosquito bite causes severe deaths throughout the world. Although malaria starts from wild fever it can cause severe health hazards.

3. West Nile Virus

People who get this virus do not experience any symptoms. Many will have a fever or many can have flu-like symptoms. If you feel worn out, it would take a month to get rid of it utterly. Some people get more serious infections that might lead to brain swell or meningitis.

4. Zika Virus

People who get this virus suffer from a fever, muscle or joint pain, rash, or pink eye initially. The virus causes more serious problems like in the case of ​Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly which is like a birth defect. If one gets ​Guillain-Barré, it will lead him to paralysis. And if one gets Microcephaly disorder it will cause a baby’s head to be small and not fully developed.

5. Encephalitis

Mosquitoes can carry the viruses that can cause inflammation around the spinal cord and brain as well. It comes with severe symptoms, such as seizures, confusion, and muscle weakness.

6. Chikungunya Virus

This kind of virus causes severe pain, especially in the joints that last several weeks. Besides, other common symptoms include vomit, weakness, etc.

Prevention Ways

1. Tip Containers to Drain Water

Empty all the things that might hold standing water. Trash cans or barrels tend to collect rainwater pretty well. Besides these, empty buckets or bottles, old tires, and other containers can condense water into tiny pools. So tip all the containers and cover them to prevent the mosquitoes from gathering.

2. Toss Unnecessary Items and Trash

The more items and trash, the more chances of the mosquito crowd will be there. So look for all the items that you find necessary and toss them out. Besides, throw away the trash since they are also one of the main reasons for mosquito crows.

3. Turn Over Buckets and Pools

Turning over the buckets and pools also helps prevent mosquitoes from ruling over your home.

4. Mosquito netting

A good night’s sleep can turn into the worst night’s sleep once you switch off the light for bed time and the mosquitoes start to assault you. Hence, mosquito netting is one of the best and most effective ways to keep the insects away. Hence, once you cover yourself with the net, those annoying creatures will not be able to reach you. But yes, you have to net carefully for this.

5. Wear chemical mosquito repellent

Wearing chemical mosquito repellent will help you protect from mosquito-borne disease since it repels the mosquitoes to come towards you. Hence, this is another yet great way to prevent ​pests.

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Solution For Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

Now here are the solutions that will definitely help you to get rid of those mosquitoes successfully.

1. Dry ice

From Zika Virus and Dengue fever to just the usual itchy, red bumps, these are the mainstream gifts that mosquitoes give you. Once you place dry ice near the trap, The mosquitoes will use their antennae to sense the carbon dioxide, and their eyes to notice the light and the movement, and then the zapper will trap the mosquitoes and kill them off.

2. Mosquito zapper

The ​Best Mosquito zapper​ is another effective tool to get rid of those annoying creatures. They are able to trap and zap the mosquitos in great numbers. The zapper has an LED bulb that helps the mosquito to attract and get into it, and then it is all set to kill it. This is one of the easiest methods if you want to destroy them.

3. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds work as a very effective repellant that will keep the mosquitos at bay. Mosquitoes carry a very strong sense of smell and coffee grounds indeed have a good strong smell that when they burn will eventually drive them crazy. So, put your coffee grounds in a bowl and cover the bowl with aluminum foil. Leave it in a cool place and let the grounds dry entirely. And after that, burn them up to see the real effect.

4. Garlic

Garlic juice spray being a stinky solution can be another weapon to control the mosquito. As garlic has a strong smell, it puzzles the mosquitoes so spraying the garlic juice will work best before plant infestation. And if you want to observe maximum effect, it’s better you spray before mosquitoes have become a problem.

5. Citronella Oil

Citronella is an oil that can be found in different species of lemongrass. You can get this oil in the form of scented candles, sprays, or lotions. This oil is used as an ingredient that is combined with other ingredients to offer protection against mosquitoes when applied to clothing or skin. So this is a great repellent oil that you can have for getting rid of the mosquitoes.

6. Neem and lavender oil

Neem and lavender oil are also a  great solution for repelling the mosquitoes. Lavender has antifungal, antiseptic, and analgesic qualities so it will not harm you but rather do good to you by discouraging the mosquitoes from coming near you.

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Our Last Opinion

​Mosquitoes are one of the most painful creatures that fly around your home to rule over you. They don’t only suck blood but suck all the patience as well. So if you are finding yourself getting poked by mosquitoes, then try out any of these methods.

They are not only effective but also will help you get rid of those frustrating beings that have been roaming around you. and you can keep yourself bite-free like you dreamt of.

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