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Causes Of Spider Infestation And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

Causes Of Spider Infestation And How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally

​A research done in Australia shows, amongst 750 spider bites collected only 6% had a significant effect. There are only two spiders known to have poisonous venom. Those spiders are the black widow and brown recluse. This shows many spiders are harmless, but the problem is it’s hard to tell the harmful and the non-harmful ones. For your safety, it’s good to stay away from them.

Spiders do not feed on a human. The only time they can bite is if they feel threatened. Spiders feed on pests like bugs. They might also help in controlling other pests in the house, such as flies. Read along and you’ll discover facts you did not know about spiders.

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​Causes of spider infestations

​Spiders get inside the house in search of food. If there are bugs in your home, spiders will be attracted to them. In most cases, bugs are found in the kitchen looking for leftovers and as such spiders will come into the kitchen to feast on them.

Dark spaces will also attract spiders. These are the dark places that are out of touch or disturbance of humans. They will seek out these out-of-reach places and build their webs. At times the extreme condition outdoors makes it hard for them to survive. Thus, they will move to the most dump place in the house and the one which is not visited much by the human being.

The unclean house will attract all kinds of pests. They will attract the spiders which will be coming to feed on the pests. If the house has a dump spot which has not been cleaned in a long time, they will build their web around that place. Wet places attract spiders because they are conducive for their survival.

Stuff carried from outside may bring spiders into the house. A good example is firewood, which has been at the same spot for a long time. Spiders don’t need to be many to spread. One egg can hatch hundreds of eggs.

Having light near windows which has cracks or doors will also bring spiders in the house. Naturally, light attracts pests, especially the flies. When the light attracts pests, spiders will be attracted by the pest and find their way in the house so they can feed on them.

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​How do you catch spiders?

​Why should you catch spiders? When many people see a spider, the first thought that comes to their mind is killing it. It’s advisable not to kill spiders as they are essential in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Spiders feed on flies and cockroaches. Imagine a state where nothing is there to control flies? Well, you cannot go spraying all the flies, even those in the forest. At some point, they will get out of hand and start being an issue. By feeding on them, spiders help to keep them in check. Now you have a reason for catching them and taking them outside instead of killing them.

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​Directing them

​If the spider is near a window or a crack, you can lead them to the outside using a book or folder. You need to push it outside and avoid crushing it with the book. If it starts crawling on the book, you can throw the book outside. Eventually, it will crawl away to hiding, and you can have your book back. If you are interested in keeping it may be for an experimental reason, or you want to keep it as a pet, you may direct it to crawl into a jar and then cover the jar with a lid.

If you are keeping it, it’s advisable to keep it in a condition it can survive. Make sure the lid has holes for it to breath. Add some water to provide a bit of moisture on the jar. Add some green leaves so that it can feed on them.


​Using a jar and a paper

​A jar and a paper can also be used to capture a spider.

  • ​Locate where the spider is
  • ​Cover it using a jar which has a flat base, be careful not to crush the spider legs
  • ​Flip a paper below the jar
  • ​Turn the jar and make sure your hand is on the paper covering the jar

​If your plan was to take the spider out, leave it on the grass or the bushes. If your idea is to keep it, you can fit the jar with a lid which has holes so that it can survive.


​Using a dustpan

​One can catch a spider using a dustpan and a broom. Sweep the spider gently using the brush into the dustpan. You can secure the open part of the dustpan using the broom as you take it out. Tap the bottom part of the pan to produce some vibration which will confuse the spider to prevent it from looking for a way to escape. Take it outside away from the house.


​Using a plastic bag

​Use a big plastic bag which can fit your hand. Put your hand in the bag and grab the spider carefully without crushing it. Turn the bag inside out and carry the spider outside away from the house and let it go.

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Pic: ​​Control Solutions 82003599 Taurus SC Termiticide/Insecticide

​How to Get Rid of Spiders

​How to get rid of spiders indoors

The primary step to getting rid of spiders in the inside is maintaining cleanliness. Clean every corner of the house; under and behind the couch, under the sinks, the bed, and on the ceiling using a long broom. Make sure you get rid of all the webs in the house.

Prevent the spiders from getting in from the outside. Seal all the openings. Use caulks to fill large spaces on closed doors and windows. Cover all the vents with a fine mesh and repair all the broken windows. This way, there will be no way the spiders can get in.

Keep the outside light off as much as possible or use yellow sodium vapor light as it is less attractive on lamps which are near a window or a door. Light attracts pests which attract spiders as they feed on them. 

Spray the house or areas you suspect the spiders are getting in using peppermint oil. Its smell keeps them away. Also, use a mixture of white vinegar and water each in equal portion and spray around the house. Spreading diatomaceous powder around the areas they get in through will help in cutting them, which will make them dry and later die.

​How to get rid of spiders outdoors

​Controlling spiders outside the house can be a bit tricky. It’s impossible to do away with all spiders from your compound. One can try to manage them by destroying the spider webs which are outside on scrubs and bushes.

Clearing vegetation around the house will also help in reducing spiders in the compound. Vegetation acts as the habitat for the spider and the breeding place. By removing them, you reduce the number of spiders around the house.

If the spiders are out of control, you can manage them by spraying. Pesticides will help minimize the number of spiders in the compound.

Planting sticky plants in the compound will also help in catching spiders. Also, plants that repel with spiders can be planted around the compound. Examples of such plants include the lemon plants, eucalyptus, and the Ross flowers. When planted near the house they can help keep off spiders.

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​Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Spiders

1. ​Essential oils

​Essential oils are one of the natural remedies which will help get rid of the spiders. Apparently, unlike the bees, spiders hate strong scents, and if they smell any strong scents around the house, they will keep off. Those essential oils include tea tree, lavender, and cinnamon. A mixture of a few drops and water can be sprayed around the house to help in repelling the spiders.

2. ​Salty water

​Salty Water can also be used to get rid of them. The good thing with salty water is that it is readily available. Most people can afford.

3. ​Chestnuts

​Use chestnuts to get rid of spiders. They are not scientifically proven to get rid, but a lot of people have used them, and it worked. In case you are having a spider problem and it’s the only thing available, there would be no harm in trying.

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​Last of all

​A significant percentage of spiders are not harmful. They don’t pose a threat, but the problem is identifying the harmful ones. However, some can cause allergic reactions to people. But, it’s not their venom that causes allergic reactions. To be safe, keep off and avoid any contact.  They are good on the ecosystem but not necessarily for human beings.

In case they’ve become a stubborn problem controlling them, and you’ve tried all the above methods, and it’s not working, call the pest control unit around to help you in managing them.

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