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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Mattress | The Pest Hunter

Sleeping Soundly Again: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Mattress for a Pest-Free Rest

​Who wants them? Imagine that after all day of work, the only thing that calls you right after you get back home is your bed. You jump on the bed and then try to sleep on it but then the worst thing happens! The bites! So it’s not only you who owns the bed alone, there are other creatures as well that share your bed especially your mattress equally like you do. And obviously, you don’t want to share your bed with anyone, not even with those buggies.

So, it becomes super important to kick them out from your room, or from the house. But how would you kick them? So to get rid of them, you must know techniques to slay them off as they are tough enough to die. So here I will be writing the way you can get rid of ​bed bugs from your mattress easily and have a soothing sleep. Hope you have a good night and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

​Recognize signs of bedbug infestation

​Bed bugs are flat and small in size. The best trick to recognize a probable infestation is to search for physical signs of bedbugs. While changing bedding or cleaning, look for:

  • ​Reddish or rusty stains on mattresses or bed covers caused by bedbugs being crushed.
  • ​Dark spots are the excrement of the bedbugs and might bleed on the fabric.
  • ​Live bed bugs.
  • ​Eggs and eggshells that are small and have pale yellow skin.

​How Do Bedbugs Get on Your Mattress?

​Bedbugs love to live in protected, or you can say small areas where they can amass together and not be observed. You will find them hiding in crevices and cracks in bedrooms, and mattresses are no exception. Bedbugs probably infest your mattress by getting to your bed from many different places. Some of the common sources of the bedbugs are:

  • ​Used Furniture
  • ​Bedding of any type
  • ​Clothing or luggage
  • ​Movie theaters
  • ​Boxes and packaging
  • ​Purses and backpacks
  • ​Parks and other public places
  • ​Apartments
  • ​Motels and resorts

​Infested mattresses might show fecal smears of bedbugs, which are their dried excrement. Mature bedbugs shed their skin during their growth; these skins can be found sometimes around the infested material. The seams of mattresses on the underside are great hiding places for the bedbugs and this is how they get on your mattress to live there.

​When Bedbugs Bite?

​The most mainstream place where you both will meet up is right in your bed. As they live under the mattresses, whenever you jump on the bed and go near the place where they are living, you come in contact with them and they eventually bite you. Not only the mattresses, but they can also stay in cushions are well.

So whenever you get on the mattress or use cushions that are bedbug-infested, there are chances that they will definitely bite you. On sleeping human hosts, bed bugs often bite areas such as the face, and hands. arms and neck. Besides, they are most active at night, so they are good enough to ruin your sleep

​What Kills Bed Bugs in the Mattress Instantly

​Killing the bedbugs is certainly important because you can’t just live with them. There are several ways through which you can kill the bedbugs in the mattress immediately. Let me just highlight them up:

​1. Silica gel

​Squash some crystal silica gels and apply them over the infested place. You can put it around or under your bed, and also leave some over your mattresses. The silica gel will stick to the bedbug and it cannot be shaken off, making the bedbugs dehydrate and move on. Repeat for 5 weeks. However, the silica gel will surely make them starve to death.

​2. Steam Out Bedbugs

​Point steam on them. Steaming is a slow, systematic process and will require a little patience. You might get a simple device for creating steam at the nearby shop. However, the steam is also a great way to destroy the bedbug eggs and slay bedbugs as well. Blow steam at the mattress to kill the bed bug instantly.

​3. Wash them up

​Another way to kill the bug instantly is to put the mattress onto the washing machine and wash the mattress immediately. The wash will kill the bedbugs and you can get rid of them easily.

​4. Insecticide Treatment

​this is one of the oldest and greatest treatments for killing bedbugs instantly. You will find several types of insecticides to kill them in the mattress.

​How to Prevent Further Bed Bug Infestations of Your Mattress

​1. Replace your mattress

​Ensure that you replace the mattresses after every 2 to 3 years. While you might think that it’s a very short time to own the mattress it’s going to be a smart precaution if you want to prevent bedbug infestation.

Because once the bedbugs get into your mattress, it becomes quite difficult to get them out. Moreover, they can linger in other areas as well but yes, chances are high they will attack the mattress at first.

​2. Use protective covers on your mattress

​You can keep bedbugs from infesting your bed by covering your mattress with a plastic protective cover. The bedbugs will face difficulty crawling under the elastic of the cover and they won’t be able to penetrate the fabric.

​3. No used furniture

​Do not bring used furniture to your home as this will reduce the chances of providing them access to your house.

​Our Last Opinion

​It’s completely understandable when you see some little strangers taking over your bed. Bedbugs are super annoying when they live under the mattress and to add the cherry on top bite you. they will never see if the mattress that you are using is clean or messy, they will just be there to annoy you.

Hence, you must do something to kill them off if you want to have a good sleep. So these tricks will surely help you get rid of those evil bugs.

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