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Best Roach Fogger Reviews [Updates on 2021] | Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Roach Fogger Review [Updates on 2021] & Ultimate Buying Guide

You might be the greatest warrior in the history of mankind but you may still lose your composure when a flying cockroach is an opponent you are facing. It is not just about the creepy structure that comes across as disgusting but also the unimaginable amount of germs.

These roaches spread around the house that makes you conscious of their unwanted presence. While there are expensive ways to get rid of the roach trouble, an easier way to get rid of them is finding the best roach fogger for yourself and that is what we will be talking about.

​Our Picks For Best Roach Fogger

​​​Roach Fogger Reviews


​PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger Bomb

​If you are looking for a roach fogger that will not just get rid of those cockroaches but also their eggs then this might be the best roach bomb for you out there. What you will get from it are:

PCO Products Pyrethrin Fogger Bomb
  • ​It kills with the help of Pyrethrins in a 0.5 % concentration.
  • ​You can use it in the food areas and all other areas of the house, in fact, even restaurants.
  • ​It does not just kill roaches but also mites, fleas, and some other insects.
  • ​You can use it in an area of 5000 cubic feet.
  • ​It is not very safe so you should avoid breathing it and leave the house when you apply it.

​What you will love about this roach bomb is how easily you can use it to get the best results. Just apply the one can on the area it is made for and leave the fog there to do its job.

Be cautious enough to wear a mask and not breathe in the mist when you are spraying it. Leave your home for the time required and when you will be back, you find your cockroach population with their nest and eggs and a few other insects wiped out.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Can you use this product outdoors?

Answer: Nope, it is for indoor purposes only.

Q.2: Will it cause any harm to the furniture?

Answer: Fortunately, no. This spray does not cause any harm to any furniture even in the long term.

What we liked

  • ​It's a chemical free fogger, so you can use this in the food and non-food areas.
  • ​Only one unit covers quite a good area.
  • ​​Does an effective and fast job on Fleas, Roaches, Ants, Weevils and flying insects.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The residual effect might not be very satisfying.


​Bengal Chemical 55201 Roach and Flea Indoor Fogger

​If you want to get instant dead roaches and also a few more as more days pass by, then you should use the Bengal Chemical 55201. It will take of the roaches with the following features:

Bengal Chemical 55201 Roach and Flea Indoor Fogger
  • ​The product uses Permethrin as the active ingredient.
  • ​Does not just deal with cockroaches but a total of 24 kinds of insects.
  • ​Only one container Will cover up to 6000 cubic feet of area.
  • ​Does not have any tang odor.
  • ​Can be harmful to domestic animals and humans so safety precautions are added on the product.

​One thing you have to take care of yourself while using this bomb is to turn of the smoke detectors and any fire source. This can get potentially dangerous and also messy if you forget to do those. Apart from that, using it is quite easy and you will see instant dead bodies when you return home.

However, it might not be the most effective as it might miss a few insects that will show their faces around the house again within days. Apparently, you will have to leave the house for four hours and after you return it is best to wipe off what this insecticide may have touched.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Is it effective against the Texas-size tough roaches?

Answer: Yes, it is quite effective against those roaches. However, you might find that not all packs are equally effective.

Q.2: Will it kill spiders?

Answer: The label says it does. But it is most effective against roaches and fleas.

What we liked

  • ​Deals with not just cockroaches but many other insects as well.
  • ​It can covers a good range of area so you do not need to apply more.
  • ​Works effectively and shows results fast.
  • ​It is completely odorless and dry.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Does not always completely get rid of the roaches.
  • ​​No warnings about the smoke detectors.


​Hot Shot Indoor Fogger With Odor Neutralizer

​If foggers never satisfied you as they could not bring out the devils inside the crevices and cracks of your house, you are in for a nasty treat with this Hot Shot insecticides. Let’s take a look at its features first:

Hot Shot Indoor Fogger
  • ​It kills the roaches that come in contact with it immediately.
  • ​The crevices and other nooks and crannies inside the house in which the insects hide are not left alone by it.
  • ​It is for use in enclosed areas.
  • ​Does not stain furniture or anything else.
  • ​It effectively works on 2000 cubic feet area.

​Want to get rid of the complete hidden and exposed roach population of your house? Then, be prepared for more thanks to this insecticide! It does not just kill the roaches but also kills spiders, fleas and other such insects. Furthermore, it keeps killing them for months with its mentionable residual power.

However, make sure you turn off any fire sources before you use this product. After you are done, keep the house enclosed and be out of it for around two hours. When you get back, it would be best if you clean everything that may have gotten in contact with this harmful substance.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Can you turn the spray off once it goes off?

Answer: Unfortunately, no. Once you turn it on, it keeps going until the can is empty.

Q.2: Will it work on bed bugs and fruit flies?

Answer: No, it does not work on those insects.

What we liked

  • ​Reaches even the nooks and crannies of the house.
  • ​Kills the insects instantly after contact.
  • ​It has a very powerful residual effect.
  • ​No problems whatsoever with the odor.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Needs quite a bit of preparation before usage.
  • ​​Quite harmful for other living beings.


​Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

​Want to kill the cockroaches that have been keeping you hungry creeping around the kitchen at night? Then, the Raid concentrated fogger can really help you. What it features are:

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger
  • ​Does not just kill roaches but also ants and spiders.
  • ​Reaches the deep crevices and other hiding places of the roaches inside the house.
  • ​Does not stain anything indoors.
  • ​The residual effect of this fogger remains for two months.
  • ​One can treat an entire room measuring 25 feet by 25 feet and 8 feet in height.

​If you are only concerned about the adult cockroaches but not the larvae or the eggs then this is surely a fogger you can try. In fact, it kills those roaches that come in direct contact with it instantly. Therefore, those adult roaches hiding inside the cracks will come out struggling.

However, you should be away from the house for as long as you can be when you use this product. The reason is that the insecticide is not only harmful itself but also has a very strong smell that can irritate not just your nose but eyes and skin too. Although there is the claim that its residual effect lasts for two months. Many customers had a confrontation with roaches after a few days of its usage.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: How to take care of the eggs and larvae left?

Answer: Apparently, this insecticide works like an insecticide and only kills the adult insects. In order to kill the larvae and eggs, you have to use a growth inhibitor which will stop the eggs or larvae from growing and kill them gradually.

Q.2: Does it kill wasps and mice?

Answer: It does kill wasps but might not kill the mice.

What we liked

  • ​Reaches deep into the nooks and crannies where the roaches might be hiding.
  • ​Dry in nature so does not create a mess.
  • ​Kills the adult roaches instantly and effectively.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​May not work properly to kill the eggs or larvae.
  • ​The residual effect is not that great.


​Black Flag Concentrated Fogger

​Want no sign of any cockroaches for twelve weeks after usage of a fogger? Then, the Black Flag 11079 has your back on this! Its features are:

Black Flag Concentrated Fogger
  • ​It kills not just the cockroaches but a variety of other pests as well.
  • ​It will only kill if it comes in direct contact with the roaches.
  • ​Only for usage in indoors and garages.
  • ​Dry in nature so does not make anything stick after usage.
  • ​Leaves a fresh scent when done.
  • ​Covers up to 2000 cubic feet of area.

​The Black Flag 11079 will kill the roaches that are roaming around or out to inhale or take in the mist. Therefore, before you spray it, make sure you open all the cabinets and other places that the roaches usually hide in to get the mist into those.

Furthermore, you may have to use it in a few rounds to actually get the best results. The first may weaken the roaches, the consequent ones will eventually kill more and more of them. Using the fogger is much like using any other foggers but you may find opening the lid of the can to turn it on a bit tricky. Know that this fogger is only great for instant results but not in the long term.

​Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Does it work on the eggs too?

Answer: Possibly, no. The reason is that it is supposed to be an instant killer. It won’t inhibit the growth in any way.

Q.2: Will it make the fire alarm go off?

Answer: No, it will not.

What we liked

  • ​Kills a variety of insects when in contact rather slowly but effectively.
  • ​Leaves a fresh scent over the dead bodies of the stinky roaches.
  • ​Promises to kill the roaches for twelve weeks.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The residual effect is not that great.
  • ​Multiple usages required for the best results.

Instruction For Using Roach Fogger

​What is a Roach Fogger and How does it work?

​You can beat a cockroach with a broom but not smash it and you will find this small yet hard creature still moving after a few days if you do not dispose of the body. Moreover, they can even hold their breath for forty whole minutes without dying. However, a roach fogger is something, that is, in a sense, even more, poisonous than a nuclear bomb as it is used for killing roaches.

Apparently, roach fogger is a popular consumer product mostly bought by people with a house to get rid of these terrifyingly disgusting little creatures. You already know the forms they are available in but how exactly do they work?

Cockroache foggers, apparently, have neuro-toxic substances in them that can affect the roaches. These substances play with the roaches senses and ultimately make them die. You have to spread these roach killer products in areas you expect the cockroaches to be in or apply them directly on the roaches.

When the roaches come in contact with these, two things can happen. Firstly, the roach may die immediately. Second, it may experience a slow death and carry the substance to other cockroaches on the way and home and kill them with itself. So, this is basically how the roach killers work.

​The Types of Roach Killer Products

You will, in general, find four kinds of roach killer products. Each of this works best in certain situations and works worst in a few others. Let’s get to know them to find out which is best for you.

1. Powder: As you can guess, these killer products come in the form of powders. You do not have to take any preparation when you use them as they are ready for instant use. However, you will find that spreading the powder throughout the length and width of the house can be a tiring task.

2. Gels: If somehow one roach comes in contact with a gel killer then it will have enough time to get back to its home and infect the other cockroaches there. As a result, by the time the gel killers start to show their effect, all the cockroaches in your house will be infected and will be dead for good. It just takes some time to work.

3. Traps: When it comes to killing roaches, I think the greater number of killed cockroaches is a better consideration than how fast the cockroaches get killed. From this perspective, traps are not that great as they can only engage a few cockroaches. However, once engaged the cockroaches dies instantly while the others live.

4. Sprays: This is a very easy way to kill roaches as it does not require a whole lot of effort from your part. However, it only affects those roaches that come in direct contact with the liquid. Therefore, it also kills only a few but does it fast.

​The Type Of Problems That Occurs when using Roach Foggers

​As you can guess again from the name, roach foggers are roach killer products that kill the roaches by spreading in the air like fog or mist. The advantage is that it spreads fast and reaches more at once. However, some problems faced when using it are:

  1. It does not really spread deep into the crevices and cracks where the roaches actually hide. So, it reaches only a few of them.
  2. As it spreads fast in the air, it does not just reach the roaches fast but also other products like food and furniture which can be harmed by it.
  3. Inhalation of it can cause problems. However, since it is basically a mist, it spreads easily and while using humans will definitely inhale it. Therefore, it is not very safe.
  4. It can even catch fire if used in high concentrations.

​Instructions for using a Roach Fogger

Roach foggers can be both ineffective and dangerous if they are not used properly. Therefore, here are some instructions that will help you get the best out of a roach fogger and also keep things safe.

1. Clean your house thoroughly

This may sound surprising because you may have thought that the cleaning should come after applying in order to get rid of the harmful chemicals left. However, it is important you clean your house for one good reason- in order to bring those roaches out.

As you already know, foggers only kill those roaches that come in direct contact with it, not the ones hiding inside holes and cracks. Therefore, vacuum and deep clean your house to bring those roaches out so they can come in contact with the fogger.

2. Wear a mask

Fogger mist is as harmful to you as it is for roaches. It will not kill you but it is capable of making you sick. Therefore, the second thing you must do is wear a mask so you inhale as less or do not inhale any of the mist at all. You can also wear a glove when you work.

3. Inform others

Make sure you inform everyone who might visit the house that it is off limits for the time being. So that everyone is prepared to leave the house in isolation and no one inhales the harm by mistake.

4. Use not more than required

You might think that the more you use, the better results you will get. But, that is so wrong in this case. The more you use, the more harm you cause to yourself and others around you.

The number of roaches that die will die from the perfect amount of the mist spread. More mist will not cause more deaths. Therefore, use only the required amount as per the instructions on the killer product you are using. For example, 6 oz. Might be enough to treat a very large area.

5. Do no use in enclosed smaller spaces

It is best not to use the foggers in closets, cupboards and other such places as it will cause more harm to your and the people who use these spaces.

6. Keep yourself away from the mist

When you are spraying, start spraying from the farthest corner of the room and move back towards the door. Do not leave out any corner. And, make sure you are away from the mist.

7. Keep it away from the fire

Foggers are flammable, therefore, the most important thing to remember when spreading it is to keep it away from the fire. Or else, a great accident may occur.

8. Start early

You will have to stay out of the house for around two hours after you use the roach fogger. Therefore, it is best to start early in the morning when you have some other place to be in than the fogger-applied house.

9. Ventilate

When you return to the house after two or more hours of its isolation, make sure you open all sources of ventilation inside the house. Turn the fans on if necessary to drive out the harmful air.

​How to Choose The Best Roach Fogger For Your Home

​You may have already experienced this a number of times but for those of you who did not, you should know that just using a roach foggers does not always result in the desired consequences.

Apparently, you might find that you spent a lot on a fogger but the roaches are still around. Sometimes it is not just the fogger that is responsible but your buying criteria too. Therefore, in order to find the best roach killer for your house, keep the following in mind:

  1. Choose the type you want

There are basically two types of foggers. One uses heat to disperse the fog and the other uses pressure.

Apparently, you will find that the thermo-foggers are much more effective and visible as the heat really speeds things up. You also have options to choose from what kind of thermo and cold fogger you want.

Thermo foggers: You can choose between foggers that use electricity as the heating element ( Electric foggers ) or you can choose the gas fogger that uses gas to vaporize the killer.

Cold foggers: In this case, you get to choose between ULV Roach foggers and the propellant ones. Apparently, the ULV ones will let you control the amount of the insecticide in the foam or mist it creates. On the other hand, the propellant ones are much like the aerosols and perfumes and more widely available for its affordability.

Based on your budget and purpose, choose the right type.

  2. The species you are targetting

First of all, you are definitely looking for a roach killer to kill a roach. It won’t be wise to use other insect products for this particular purpose. Secondly, if you are targetting a specific type of the cockroach then you should look for a roach killer that is specifically made for killing that type of roach. In this way, the killer will be most effective.

  3. Coverage and residual effect

When you are buying a fogger, you should check its quantity and how much of your house it will actually cover. Then, you should buy the required number of it so that you can apply it to the whole of your house at a time. This way none of the cockroaches will be left to give birth to new ones.

Apart from that, you should also check that how long will this keep killing them. Some of them work in the short term while others keep showing their killing powers for months. The greater the residual effect, the better.

  4. Safety

Since these foggers are natural killers, they are ought to have harmful chemicals in them. However, you should still check the safety of using it and in what ways it may harm a human. You definitely do not want a child or toddler to innocently inhale or lick the insecticide. It could prove to be deadly.

​Our Last Opinion

​Cockroaches have been a great problem in the history of mankind since the beginning of the time they began to live in houses. You might just be going to the kitchen to get some midnight snack and a roach you are afraid of will be guarding it. This is where the best roach fogger come in action.

However, not all foggers work on the roaches and you need to be careful when you buy one for your house. Our roach fogger reviews should give you a clear idea of what foggers are capable of doing. You can now set out to find the best roach killer for yourself with all the knowledge you just gained. We trust you to do this task amazingly.

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