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Best Mosquito Zapper [Updated List in 2021] | Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Mosquito Zappers on the Market | Most Effective Mosquito Traps & Flying Insect Killers

A simple way to eradicate pests such as mosquitoes, bugs, and other blood-sucking insects, without having a lot of work to do, is by using the best mosquito zapper in your house, terrace, and every other space that needs to be cleared from mosquitoes.

Since there are several types of quality mosquito zapper available on the market, a list of the mosquito zapper is compiled in order to guide you to know which mosquito zapper is suitable for you.

​Our Picks For Best ​Mosquito Zapper

Flowtron Bug Zapper, 1-1/2 Acre of Outdoor Coverage with Powerful 80W Bulb & 5600V Instant Killing Grid, Electric Insect, Fly & Mosquito ZapperFlowtron Bug Zapper, 1-1/2 Acre of Outdoor Mosquito ZapperVIEW ON AMAZON
SereneLife Electric Bug Zapper - Fly & Mosquito KillerSereneLife Electric Bug Zapper – Fly & Mosquito KillerVIEW ON AMAZON
Outdoor Lantern Unit 12 HrsThermacell MR 9L Mosquito RepellentVIEW ON AMAZON

Bugs like mosquitoes increase in the warm weather which has a way of disturbing people’s activities most especially summer camping, picnics, etc., and you are certainly going to be bitten by a mosquito in the outdoors.

Mosquito bite does not only cause redness and itchiness, in several locations of the world. Mosquitoes can spread contagious diseases such as Malaria, West Nile virus, or Dengue fever which can result in death.

To safeguard you from being bitten by mosquitoes, the best mosquito killer should be considered. This device is chemical-free and does not contain fumes or poisonous substances that could be dangerous to human health. These zappers are easy and convenient to use as they eradicate mosquitoes and other flying insects.

This device comes in different sizes and capacities. Depending on the area you want to cover. It is quite affordable and easy to maintain. Usage of electric mosquito zappers is not only limited to indoors but also can effectively be functional outdoors. Its functionality is solely based on electricity which could be solar, battery, etc.

​​Mosquito Zapper Reviews

​1. Flowtron BK 80D – The Best Outdoor Bug Zapper

Flowtron Bug Zapper, 1-1/2 Acre of Outdoor Coverage with Powerful 80W Bulb & 5600V Instant Killing Grid, Electric Insect, Fly & Mosquito Zapper

​Flowtron BK-80D ?? Electronic Insect Killer, 1-1/2 Acre Coverage, 2-pack…

  • ​Clogging-preventive killing grid
  • ​It has a wide coverage of about 1 ½ acres
  • ​Two 40 Watt U-shaped ultraviolet high-intensity bulb
  • ​Product weight of 29 pounds
  • ​Octenol scent for attracting mosquitoes and other flying insects to be zapped
  • Made of galvanized metal and water-resistant Lexan

Are you tired of the crowds of insects flying around your backyard? Hate the smell of citronella? You can solve the problem without annoying smells with the help of Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer. It is able to clean your area from mosquitoes which can be a big obstacle for pleasant pastime outdoors. This eco-friendly solution doesn’t have any sprays, odors, poisons, etc.

It is fully ready for use without any preparations. Just plug it into a standard outlet and enjoy your backyard free of mosquitoes. It is very energy-efficient, so its usage will cost you pennies. With the help of a black light bulb of high intensity, the insect killer attracts mosquitoes and other light-sensitive bugs.

Its action covers an area of 0.5 – 1 acre. This is more than enough for home use. The built-in cartridge with mosquito attractant starts emitting when the device is turned on. A specially designed vertical grid prevents the unit from clogging, eliminating short-circuits or inflammation of bugs remains. The outer grid cover eliminates contact with children or animals, keeping them safe from sudden injuries.

The unit cover is water and corrosion-resistant, the insect trap is intended for long use. The manufacturer provides 2 year warranty. This unit can help you improve your health and quality of life, as it reduces the spread and annoyance level of mosquitoes and other flying insects carrying infectious diseases.

Featuring two 40-watt BF150 Blacklight Bulbs, the device lures light-sensitive insects through an outer protective enclosure to its electro-statically charged killing grid to quickly and safely eliminate them. The Flowtron BK-80D releases a cartridge containing 1,660 milligrams of Octenol, which makes the device effective for up to 450 hours.

What we liked

  • Lantern-like design
  • Eco-friendly mechanism without propane gas, pesticides, and chemical sprays
  • Doesn’t require cleaning from bugs’ rests
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • ​Killing grid that does not clog
  • ​Can be used continuously for a long time

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Cost is high

​2. Hoont Ultra Powerful Bug Zapper – Best Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper

SereneLife Electric Bug Zapper - Fly & Mosquito Killer, Insect Eliminator or Flying Bug Trap

​Hoont Robust Electric Indoor Outdoor Fly Zapper and Bug Zapper…..

  • ​Pesticide, chemical & odor free
  • ​High-intensity 20-watt ultraviolet bulbs
  • ​Collective tray to collect zapped insects for disposal.
  • ​Power is 20 Watts, its size is 13” x 9.5” / Cord Length: 5 ft.
  • ​Operates constantly, is Non-clogging, and has to clean the electric grid.
  • ​Offers 360 degrees fly eradicating fortification and active for a large area of about 1/2 Acre

Hoont Ultra Powerful Electronic Indoor / Outdoor mosquito killers are the best to use because of their ease of zapping insects such as mosquitos.

Easily attracts mosquitoes due to the two 10-watt ultraviolet bulbs with high intensity. This brand of Fly Zapper disperses light in all directions and covers an enormous area of about 6,000 square feet.

It can be used at several places; both indoor and outdoor. It does not have chemicals and it’s odorless, making it suitable to use.

What we liked

  • ​Comes with a stand
  • ​Works indoors and out
  • ​Easy to use and set up
  • ​No annoying noise when bugs are trapped
  • ​Well-made, covers a large area, and kills mosquitoes effectively

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Users observed that the UV light of the device does not attract mosquitoes during the day

​3. Thermacell Mosquito Repeller – Best Outdoor Mosquito Repellent

Outdoor Lantern Unit 12 Hrs

​Thermacell MR 9L Mosquito Repellent Pest Control Outdoor…

  • ​It runs for about 20 hours.
  • ​Creates a 15*15 feet mosquito-free zone, which is the size of an average patio
  • ​4 flickering LEDs with 180 lumens.
  • ​Comes with 1 butane cartridge and 3 repellent mats.
  • ​The dimension of the product is 11.6 x 6.4 x 17 inches
  • ​Comes with 6 pole pieces, 1 torch, 1 outdoor cap, 1 tabletop stand, and 12 hours of refills.
  • ​You can use the device in two ways: both repellent and light, as well as separately

This ThermaCELL Patio Lantern works with a single butane cartridge, heating a mat that releases allethrin – an artificial analog of a natural insecticide contained in pyrethrum flowers. The lantern creates a 15*15-foot comfort zone, with each repellent mat providing up to 4 hours of secure protection against mosquitoes.

Meanwhile, each butane cartridge provides up to twelve hours of operation. The lantern would be a perfect addition to your backyards, picnics, and any other outdoor parties. The technology of this particular lantern, ThermaCELL, has even been tested and approved by the U.S. Army and is now successfully used in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

This lantern is therefore a very effective alternative to various lotions that smell and sprays that should be applied to the skin. The device is extremely easy to use, as it features no open flame and no messy wax.

​A Quick Look at Our Selection of Best Mosquito Repellent

What we liked

  • ​Proved to repel up to 98% of mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums
  • ​You will get 3 repellent mats.
  • ​Looks attractive for decoration.
  • ​You can use the torch as a tabletop lantern.
  • ​​It is absolutely lightweight with a portable design as it is cordless.
  • ​You will get 6 pole pieces, 1 torch, 1 outdoor cap, 1 tabletop stand, and 12 hours of refills.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Might not deter all the bugs.
  • ​Does not cover a larger area for repelling the insects.

​4. USB-Powered Mosquito Killer Lamp – Best Mosquito Killer For Camping

BURLAN Solar Bug Zapper Outdoor & Indoor, Cordless Mosquito Zapper

​USB Power Electronic Mosquito Killer Lamp for Indoor Outdoor….

  • ​Solar-powered and waterproof
  • ​Double Functions as garden light & bug zapper.
  • ​Charging time is 8-10 hours for solar and USB charging is about 6-8 hours.
  • ​The light came with two modes one for bug zapper and one for just a light.
  • ​Working time for garden light mode is 10-12h while bug zapper mode is 2-3 days
  • ​It can release 365nm to 375nm UVA waveband to lure insects in a 360-degree angle

The USB-powered mosquito zapper lamp is made from cast aluminum and ABS plastic with a size of 13.1×14.1cm. The coverage area is about 50-150. ​You will find it suitable for lighting up your outdoor space to kill mosquitoes and other insects and pests.

It can also serve as an accent camping lantern for your garden or yard. When you go out camping, fishing, or hiking. This electronic mosquito killer is simple to use; position the solar panel in the sun, and plug the DC of the solar panel to that of the lamp. 

The lighting indication means it is charging. The device comes with all the necessary installation tools.

What we liked

  • ​Both serve as zappers and lighting
  • ​Eradicates mosquitoes without annoying sound
  • ​The device can be hung or placed just 0.75m above the ground
  • ​​It can be charged either by USB plug (DC) or solar charging
  • ​Sturdy and waterproof it prevents rain from entering it.
  • ​Automatically powers itself when it is dark and shuts down in the daylight

​What we didn’t like

  • ​The product is a bit expensive

​5. TESCCI 2800V Electric Bug Zapper– Best Indoor Mosquito Killer

Tiabo Bug Zapper Indoor Insect Killer - Electronic Mosquito, Fly, Bug or Any Pest Killer Electric Zapper

​TESCCI 20W Electric Bug Zapper,UV Lamp Insect Bug Fly Mosquito Killer…

  • ​The dimension of the device is 15.7 x 11.8 x 3.9 inches.
  • ​It emits 2800v watts.
  • ​There is a detachable tray.
  • ​Chemical-free and odorless.
  • ​The grid is covered by a cage.
  • ​It comes with a 365 nm wavelength.

​Looking for the best bug zapper for mosquitoes in your house? How about you consider this one? The TESCI is the best indoor mosquito killer that comes with an emission of 365 nm wavelength to entice the mosquitoes, flies, or other insects and zap them up as soon as they get into its unit.

This electric mosquito zapper has the strongest power that comes with 2800 voltage to trap and zap the insect. You will find a protective cage as well that surrounds the grid so that you can touch the zapper safely.

And after zapping them you will find them lying in the tray that you can remove and clean them up for the next target. Like the other electronic bug zapper, this too does not need any chemical to kill them up and yes it’s absolutely odorless. Not only that, it’s even easy to use. 

All you need is to plug in the zapper and observe the wonder that it does to destroy those irritating little beasts. So if you want a powerful tool for indoor areas to kill insects, this would be a great solution for all the flying problems.

What we liked

  • ​It is completely safe.
  • ​You can use it in any indoor area.
  • ​No chemicals are required for using it.
  • ​It effectively kills all the annoying moths.
  • ​You will get a tray with the unit for the collection of dead insects and then remove it to clean it up.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​It sounds like a firecracker when it zaps the insects.

6. ​Solar Bug Zapper Garden Light – Best Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Tekno Bug/Insect Zap Guard - Zapper - Solar Powered Light Wireless Automatic Sensor Dusk to Dawn

​Zikke Solar Bug Zapper Garden Light – Outdoor ? or Indoor Insect…

  • ​Dual Button and 3-Layer Protection Net
  • ​The life of LED lamps is up to 50001 hours or more.
  • ​There is no worry warranty as you can get a free replacement or full refund.
  • ​The device features a high-voltage power grid to kill without the addition of chemicals or radiation.
  • ​Charging time is 6-15 hours, Zapper’s working time is about 3-4 days and the LED lighting time is up to 73 hours.
  • ​Long battery life and conserve energy with different charging options like Solar, USB, and alternating current charging.
  • ​LED Attracting Light and Automatic Control; Automatically turn on the zapper during the night and vice versa during the day

Solar Bug Zapper Garden Light is designed in that you can charge it either by solar energy or alternating current (AC). It is more energy-saving and durable with a size of 102.4*78.7*51.6in and weighs 3.31lb. The device UV tube is very effective in catching mosquitoes and has a wider range of anti-mosquito.

Solar Bug Zapper Light is radiation-free and does not make any crazy sound while zapping mosquitoes. So that you can appreciate a mosquito-free and quiet environment while having sleep. The lighting lamp can also serve as a beautiful decoration.

What we liked

  • ​Looks cool and handy
  • ​Used both indoors and outdoors
  • ​Two charging ways; Solar charging, alternating current.
  • ​Energy-conserving and environmentally friendly; no chemicals and radiation
  • ​The device can be used in sunny or rainy conditions due to its waterproof design.

​What we didn’t like

  • ​​Really works great but is quite expensive

​7. Bugfighter PM-1500 – Best Outdoor Mosquito Killer

Flowtron MC9000 Residential Bug Fighter, Green

​Eastoan Bug Mosquito Zapper – Upgraded Electronic Insect Killer…

  • ​Easy Bulb Replacement (Bulb included)
  • ​High Impact Lexan Hood, Base, and Sides
  • ​High-Efficiency Corrosion-proof Killing Grid
  • ​High Powered Transformer & Ecologically Sound
  • ​Protective Outer Frame with Weatherproof Finish

Bug Fighter Electric Mosquito Killer eradicates several flying insect pests frequently. The coverage area is about 1.5 acres. Features a sturdy weatherproof design and a non-clogging killing grid. It’s ideal for those outdoors on warm nights and helps safeguard against irritating mosquito bites.

The increased lure capacity of the device to attract a high number of mosquitoes is attributed to its high-intensity bulb. Additionally, it does not rust, crack, or fade away, even when it’s used frequently. Replacement and cleaning of the bulb are very easy.

What we liked

  • ​Bulb is replaceable
  • ​Works great and is easy to clean
  • ​Efficient non-clogging zapping grid
  • ​Covers a large area of about 1.5 acres
  • ​Employed for both out and indoor use
  • ​Corrosion resistant due to the rustproof
  • ​The high-intensity bulb attracts mosquitoes easily
  • ​Consumes less power and does not make annoying noise while zapping

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Some users were not comfortable with the length of the cord
  • ​Bugs and mosquitos are stuck to the whole bulb housing which prevents users from literally seeing the bulb

​8. Sunnytech® Solar Mosquito Zapper – Best Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lantern

​Sunnytech Solar Powered Insect Pest Mosquito Bug Killer Zapper…

  • ​Features twilight to dawn sensor
  • ​A rechargeable 5400mA battery is included
  • ​Metal safely frill and inner luminous finger shield
  • ​Prompt operation, constant and continuous service
  • ​Powered mode is Solar Power and electricity charge
  • ​The solar panel of the mosquito zapper is 2.5W/6V, lighting mode is 16 bright LED bulbs which is super bright

The Solar Light Bug Zapper charms and exterminates mosquitoes and several other big and small flying/blood-sucking insects. White LED light offers you light for your garden, lawn, path, or walkway. This amazing 2-in-1 light/ mosquito zapper saves money and is very efficient, chemical-free, and non-toxic.

Easy installation as no wiring is necessary. The best solar mosquito zapper features a high-impact design and a shielding external enclosure to prevent children, pets, etc. from touching the charged grid. This zapper uses nonhazardous ultraviolet light to eradicate mosquitoes, flies, and other blood-sucking insects over a large space of up to 1 acre. The Sunnytech solar bug zapper is convenient and safer than its chemical equivalents.

What we liked

  • ​Quick and simple to mount
  • ​Do not require electricity or wiring
  • ​Ecologically friendly with solar power
  • ​You can switch between light and bug zapper
  • ​Excellent bright white and UV LED which attracts bugs

​What we didn’t like

  • ​Mixed language instruction manual
  • ​Users are not comfortable with the short-term warranty

​Things to consider while buying A Mosquito Zapper

1. Features of the area

Considering the features of your area has to do with the total number of mosquitoes/insects present. Usually, marshy and bushy areas harbor big and lasting mosquitoes/flying blood-suckers. Thus, you may need numerous zappers to control/eradicate them.

2. Mode of zapper’s power supply

Considering the fact that there are several power sources. It is necessary to decide on the type of device supply which will be appropriate for you. You may decide on accumulators or electricity and solar batteries.

3. Mosquito zapper working mode

The best mosquito zappers are capable of working both day and night. However, they seem to be more effective at night. However, you can purchase a device that works constantly and continuously all through the day and night.

4. Location of use

Location aids you to know the full area to be covered by a mosquito zapper which could be indoors or outdoors. If you are arranging to install a zapper outdoors, protection from rain must be provided, and an adequate radius of exploit. Large areas require stronger zappers.

5. Price of expandable materials

This is mostly associated with the zapper. The stable work of outdoor zapper needs expandable constituents such as sticky bands, and tablets with baits amongst others. Expandable materials would demand much money regularly for you to freely eradicate mosquitoes and enjoy your backyard, terrace, garden, etc.

6. Cost

Sometimes, the cost of the best mosquito killer may be an indication of the quality of the product. However, very cheap products are doubtful as they are sub-standard and turn out to be powerless against rapid attacks of mosquitoes.

7. Bulb of the Zapper

The number of bulbs and their capacity will determine the level of effectiveness of the device since its light attracts insects/mosquitoes before they get electrocuted.

Our Last Opinion

Mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects are common and can be experienced anywhere around the world. As a result, it has become a great problem for people because of the infectious disease it transmits from one person to another.

A number of solutions have been prescribed severally for killing or eliminating this dangerous blood-sucking insect that puts one’s health at risk. Regrettably, most of the prescribed means are not efficient and hazardous. Instead, they contribute to the deterioration of people’s health.

However, all hope is not lost since chemical and other similar methods cannot eradicate mosquitoes efficiently. You have to opt-in for the mosquito zapper for the instant and continuous killing of mosquitoes and other similar insects effectively.

These Top 8 Best Mosquito Zapper Reviews appraise the pros and cons of several mosquito killers. The review shows that it is safe as they do not emit radiation or chemicals toxic to humans and pets.

If you have any better recommendations about the best mosquito Zapper and want to suggest us, please let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for walking with us till here, have a great day, Bye.

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