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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles in Mattress

No More Carpet BeetlesAre you seeing small holes in your clothes, carpet, and furniture? Well, we know who is to blame. Carpet beetles are small bugs that can cause massive destruction to your belongings. It’s not easy to hunt them down but don’t worry, take out your armor and get ready to fight these little menaces.

​What are carpet beetles?

​Carpet beetles are quite interesting and the reason they get that name isn’t only because of their coloration, but a lot of times you’ll find them hidden within your carpet. They are persistent pests that can eat away at your carpets, clothing, and other fabrics.

They just don’t specifically feed on carpet rather they like to feed on animals and small organisms. It looks like a ladybird but it’s a brown and yellow mottled color. They are three or four millimeters in length and they’re white slightly hairy with brown at one end.

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​Beetles elimination techniques

​You can try homemade remedies if you’re thinking on how to get rid of carpet beetles in mattress. ​If the problem is continuous then you should call the pest control service provider to take care of the problem. With the right tools and practices, you can eliminate the carpet beetles in your home and prevent them from coming back. So, let’s have a close look at some techniques or methods that will help you to get rid of carpet beetles in mattress.

​Part. 1

​Deep Cleaning

i. Identify the source

At first, try to identify the source of the problem as both adult carpet beetles and larvae can infest your home. However, the larvae do the most damage by eating organic materials like wool, leather, and silk.

To know where to focus on the impact of your cleaning, first, look for the key source of the infestation area. This area will be the area with the most signs of damage and beetles. Also, check dark, hidden areas like basements and under carpets and rugs for signs.

ii. Vacuum your home

The vacuum is considered as the best and fastest method to remove carpet beetles and larvae from your carpeting. You need to especially focus on the source and the most infested areas. However, to make sure you remove all beetles vacuum your whole house. After you finish vacuuming throw away the bag right away.

Vacuum your home at least once a day for a week. You may need to vacuum several times a day for the first few days if the infestation is really bad. If you can’t put any fabric-covered areas in the washing, make sure to vacuum then. Also, hire a steam cleaner if needed to clean the labels on your rugs.

iii. Remove infested clothes

If your clothes or fabric have been badly eaten then throw them into an outdoor trash can as keeping these garments makes it very difficult to stop the infestation. Also, throw out the fabrics even if you don’t watch any carpet beetles left on the material.

​Part. 2

​Sprays and Traps

i. Spray insecticide

There are several insecticide products to get rid of carpet beetles in mattresses. You have to look for those insecticide products that are listed for carpet beetles on its label. There are some fabrics that you can’t clean it any other way. So, follow the directions of the insecticide before applying it to any garments.

These sprays are only for around the edges of carpets or rugs, where fabrics are stored. So, don’t spray on your clothes. Before spraying insecticide remember to wear gloves and protective clothing. After spraying leave the areas for a while as the insecticide spread in the air and also don’t forget to wash your hands.

Moreover, don’t spray it all over the house because insecticide should only be used as a spot treatment.

ii. Boric acids

Dust boric acid is another solution to get rid of carpet beetles in mattresses. It’s very effective in areas that are harder to reach. You can mix 1 tablespoon of boric acid with 2 cups of hot water to transform boric acid into a spray and stir it until the powder dissolves. Then use a plastic spray bottle to fog it over hard to reach crevices. Avoid using boric acid on dark materials as it has a bleaching effect.

iii. Hormone based glue traps

If your infestation is pretty serious then you can use hormone-based glue traps. You can place these sticky traps throughout your home to attract and catch beetles and prevent further problems. Also, put these traps under the carpets or entry points like windows, doors where the beetles are really bad.

Though hormone-based traps are specific to the kind of carpet beetle species. You can also use sticky traps without a hormone to catch beetles, like the ones flying through the windows. Make sure to check the traps 1-2 times a week. To buy glue traps go to pest control supply stores or online.

​Part. 3

​Preventing an infestation

  • ​Always look for and remove any outdoor sources or nests. Make sure to examine any flowers that you bring inside for signs of carpet beetles.
  • Clean carpet beetle-prone areas frequently. At least once every 2 or so weeks to prevent a carpet beetle infestation.
  • Always seal unused fabrics and clothes in plastic containers. Air them out in the sun and brush them at least once a year.
  • Wash or dry clean the items before storing them again if you do find an infestation.
  • Try to choose synthetic materials over organic ones as carpeting beetles will only eat organic products. So, choosing synthetic materials will minimize your chances of getting an infestation.

Our Last Opinion

​Carpet beetles in the mattress can be an annoying problem, but you can avoid headaches by simply following these simple techniques. It’s highly recommended to vacuum and clean your house regularly and always keep storage places clean to avoid carpet beetle problems in the future. If the infestation is severe then take these steps multiple times to clear them out completely from your home.

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