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Tri Jet | ULV Non-Thermal Fogger Reviews in 2021

Exploring the Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger: In-Depth Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Tri Jet non-thermal fogger is versatile and can be used both outdoors and indoors for pest control. Createch USA is the manufacturer of Tri Jet ULV. The device works well in combination with other chemicals used in fogging.

Tri Jet ULV Non-Thermal Fogger

Createch Commander Tri Jet ULV Sprayer Non-Thermal Cold Indoor and Outdoor Professional Fogger Machine

​It Has The Following Uses

1. Pest Control – Tri-Jet Fogger is very useful in the control of a variety of pests in homes, industries, and agricultural setups.

2. Improving sanitation – The Fogger is a useful disinfectant Its nozzles release mists which penetrate the hiding places that are not easy to access. Applications can be in schools, hospitals, warehouses, and, hotels.

3. Eliminating bad smells – The product works best to remove bad odor from sewer plants, compost, and any other area with a smell that is not so good. It is useful in toilets, hotels, sewers, or any other areas prone to the awful smell.

4. Controlling mold – The fogger is also ideal for the control of mold and mildew development on surfaces and any other areas.

Watching this video How to Fog Your Home with Tri Jet Indoor Pest Control

​Tri-Jet ULV non-thermal fogger comes with the following features

1. Portable

The ULV non-thermal fogger is easy to carry because of its lightweight. It has a dimension of 15.5×8.5×12 inches and Weighs 13 pounds. (5.9 kg). It is, however, more suitable for static use rather than carrying it around while in use.

2. Structure

The device is durable as it is made up of an aluminum body. It can withstand rust, and it comes in a design that appears like polished metal. This means that the device will serve you for a long time efficiently without the need for repair or replacement hence value for your money. A solution tank is at the base of the fogger.

3. Strength

An electric motor with a power of 1000W provides energy to the ULV fogger. With such a powerful motor the fogger releases fog up to 9 meters away. It is, therefore, able to penetrate all the areas where the pests are hiding.

The solution is sprayed out through a triple nozzle. The ULV fogger has three vents which release the solution in 3 jets. The nozzles allow it to direct the solution to three different spots at a time.

4. Safe To Use And Very Effective

The fogger is non-thermal therefore no heat is required while in use, hence reducing the risks associated with fire. The Tri-Jet ULV non-thermal fogger releases fog up to 9 meters away.

It is, therefore, able to penetrate all the areas where the pests are hiding making it very efficient. The adjustable valve combined with the tornado action nozzle allows you to achieve maximum discharge of the mist.

5. Adequate Capacity

The solution tank at the base of the fogger has a capacity of 3.7 liters. The type of droplets that you get depends on the settings. To adjust the rate of flow of the fogger, just turn the flow adjustment valve found on the side of the fogger. Tri-Jet fogger releases particles of almost 15-30 micron diameter with a flow rate of about 140ml per minute on medium settings.

6. Easy To Operate

Tri-Jet fogger is easy to use. Fill the fogging solution in the solution tank after detaching it. You then attach it back to the fogger. Next, you plug it into the source of power and turn it on. You then have to adjust the three nozzles as desired.

It will immediately start to mist. Since it does not have a timer, you have to operate it manually. You can either use water or oil-based chemical solutions in the fogger.

Our Last Opinion

​A safe, clean, and comfortable environment or space is the desire of every living organism. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. There are unwelcomed factors such as insects, mold, dirt, and stuffiness that will always invade our spaces if not taken care of.

This is why products such as the Tri-Jet ULV were created. For effective control of pests, bad smells, and molds, both indoors and outdoors, Tri-Jet ULV non-thermal foggers are the way to go. The device is safe to use and also comes with a five-year warranty!

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